How To Use iMessage on Pc
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How To Use iMessage on Pc

Can we use iMessage on Pc?

Apple’s Messages app works solely on Apple devices such as Macs, iPhones, and I pads. No third party apps can connect to iMessage. But some good alternatives have similar functionality.

Fast messaging, short messaging, and an app or Facebook Messenger have taken over the world of communicating. Disappointingly, Apple does not provide any cloud-based platform, such as Android, where you can stack up a webpage and respond to messages. Truly, iMessage is an Apple dependent platform that involves an Apple gadget to ship or receive messages. However, what has an answer is a way to react to iMessages onto a Windows 10 PC without touching your iPhone. Read on to learn more!

Method 1:

iPadian Emulator

Because iPadian Emulators are infected with malware, then you’ll have to download an anti-malware or antivirus detection app before installing the iPadian Emulator. Indian two is an I pad simulator that allows you to run iOS apps in your Windows PC and has a Standalone Adobe atmosphere application. To put in Apple’s iMessage app on Windows using this particular simulator:

  1. Download iPadian Emulator
  2. Install the .exe file
  3. Run the Emulator
  4. Accept the terms and conditions.
  5. Once the installation is complete, launch iPadian software on your computer.
  6. Use the search bar to search for iMessage
  7. Download and launch the Messages app on your computer

Method 2:

Jailbreak iOS

The jailbreak method for gaining access to iMessages through a Windows computer is just for iPhone users and can void your warranty. Jailbreaking may even break your i-phone clear of all restrictions and allow it to employ a range of applications not endorsed on the app store. I-phone apparatus with available jailbreaks include iPhones in SE into 6S Plus for iOS 10.2.

  1. Install Cydia after finishing the iOS jailbreaking process.
  2. Open Cydia and Hunt for Remote Desktop Messages.
  3. Buy Remote Messages for 4 in the BigBoss repo.
  4. The app will then open an internet interface in your Windows that you could utilize to send iMessages to
  5. additional buddies with iPhones.
  6. In the end, input”:333″ a port number.
  7. Ensure you specify a password.
  8. You are all set and will log into iMessage remotely. Only open any browser onto your Windows PC and input the IP address followed by the port number.

Method 3:

iMessage on PC Using the Chrome Remote Desktop Extension

  1. Download & Install Chrome Remote Desktop on your Windows PC.
  2. Click on the Insert App button to get it on your Mac as well.
  3. Allow complete access control on your Google permissions for your Google account.
  4. Click on Authorize to keep to grant whole access to the window.
  5. It is possible to visit the remote Support’ choice to find access to the MacBook or Windows PC.
  6. Now pick a SIX-digit PIN you will need to enter in both the devices.
  7. You want to make sure the devices are turned ON, and Mac has the texting app open.
  8. Take the remote of Mac on your own Windows 10 and enter the PIN when prompted.
  9. Click the connect’ button, and it will set the connection right away.



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