How to Use a Bitcoin ATM in Atlanta, Georgia – Here’s What You Need to Know

Have you wondered why Bitcoin ATMs are becoming so popular these days? If you are an Atlanta resident, you will be surprised to find countless options when you search for an Atlanta Georgia Bitcoin ATM. The reasons are Bitcoin’s mainstream adoption and increased propensity amongst businesses to accept crypto payments. 

While the Bitcoin may have gone through many highs and lows in the recent past its popularity has not waned. Multinational retailers and even convenience stores have started accepting Bitcoin payments. Malls and airports now have Bitcoin ATMs for the convenience of shoppers and travelers. But how easy is it to use a Bitcoin ATM?

Steps to start using Bitcoin ATMs in Atlanta, Georgia:

To start using Bitcoin ATMs in Georgia, you need to understand some basic steps. The truth is operating a BTC ATM is much like using a regular cash teller machine. The only difference here is that you transact in cryptos.

The first step is to search for a “Bitcoin machine near me” in Atlanta. You can make use of online directories for crypto ATMs that will give you the exact locations of the machines. They will even tell you which cryptos you can transact on these machines. There is an interactive map on most of these websites which is most useful for locating a BTC ATM.

  • To buy Bitcoins through a Bitcoin ATM, you will first need to provide ID verification. This however depends on the kind of crypto machine you use and the operator. Generally, you must provide a phone number for verification. An OTP is sent to this number which you must then type in to proceed. On some machines, you will be required to scan ID cards like driver’s license or passport.
  • You must then provide an address for deposit. This is the Bitcoin address to inform the machine where you want your coins sent. It is advisable to download a Bitcoin wallet on your smartphone; you can even use the phone scanner to scan QR code that shows your wallet address. The BTC is then transferred to this destination address the right way. You may take a print-out of the QR code on paper, like a paper wallet
  • Alternatively, you may get the QR code sent to your inbox; this will then need to be scanned to get your private key. Using this, you will be able to access the cryptos you have bought.
  • Now, you can insert fiat money into the machine that you wish to exchange for Bitcoins. For this, you may need to slip the money, one at a time, into a designated deposit area.
  • You will be asked to confirm the amount to complete the transaction. You can click on “confirm”, “buy”, or “finish” to confirm the transfer. The coins are then sent to the address you have provided.
  • To sell Bitcoins through a Bitcoin ATM, you must enter the amount that you wish to sell. Then, you have to send the coins to the address displayed on the screen. Once a transaction has been confirmed, cash will be dispensed instantly.

The whole process of transacting Bitcoins takes only a few minutes, much like what you would have spent at a regular ATM. But, you must remember that when using a crypto ATM in Georgia, you cannot claim refunds. Remember never to send pictures of your paper wallet to others as that will give them full access to your money.

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