Exchange Bitcoin to Monero: Top Recommendations

How to Swap BTC to XMR With Maximum Profit

Bitcoin (BTC) is the oldest cryptocurrency on the market that was supposed to offer anonymity to its users. However, Bitcoin turned out not to be completely anonymous — each transaction can be traced back to its participants, and with a bit of hacker effort — to their identities.

As an alternative, you can use Monero (XMR). It offers complete anonymity because of the high level of decentralization, fungible coins, and obscured transaction history. But is it the right time to exchange Bitcoin to Monero? If so, which crypto exchange is worth trusting? Find the answers below.

What Do You Need to Know Before the Exchange?

Before proceeding with the exchange, you need to consider several factors, namely the price trends of the cryptocurrencies you want to swap, their current exchange rates, and expert price prediction for the future.

What Will Be the Price of Bitcoin?

Along with other cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin is experiencing a downtrend. Just in June 2022, it lost over 30% of its value. However, AI-assisted technical analysis suggests that the Bitcoin price will increase soon.

According to technical analysis by the platform, by the end of 2022, we should expect an average trading price of around $38,200 per BTC. The year after, the first cryptocurrency will rise to around $54,570 per coin. By the end of 2025, forecasts around $124,520 per Bitcoin.

The projection by is not that promising. Namely, in 2022, BTC may not surpass the $27,300 level, but already in 2023 Bitcoin is expected to reach $30,436. A serious value increase will be seen in 2025 when the price will be fluctuating around $40,460.

Finally, Gov. capital predicts a near 137% price increase by the mid-2023 and around 660% by the end of 2025.

How Will the Price of Monero Change?

Monero could not withstand the overall cryptocurrency bear market and also lost its value in mid-2022. But the forecasts for XMR are also quite optimistic.

Experts from say that by the end of 2022 Monero’s price will reach around $180 per coin. In 2023, we can expect a price near $273, and by 2025 MXR will be worth almost $600.

According to Monero’s price will not climb higher than $158 in 2022. But for 2023 the forecast shows around $176 per coin. In 2025, the XMR price is expected to be around $226 per coin.

Another platform that uses crypto price analysis with artificial intelligence assistance is Gov. capital. They forecast a 274% price increase by the end of 2023 and +681% in 2025.

Best BTC to XMR Exchanges

With more than 500 crypto exchanges on the market, it may be hard to select one. Below you will find some of the best three crypto exchanges on the market — quick and anonymous.


One of the best non-custodial anonymous crypto exchanges is Godex. You can swap crypto with no limits and zero fees on this platform. There are over 300 coins available on Godex. Moreover, the intuitive design and high standards of protection against DDoS attacks make the platform secure and suitable for beginners.

Also, during the exchange, the system will fix the rate for you.


The next non-custodial crypto exchange platform is ChangeNow. Using this platform you will gain an anonymous crypto trading experience with no limits. Besides, ChangeNow allows you to buy crypto with fiat. The fees on ChangeNow vary between 0.5% to 4% and depend on the rate option you choose (classic exchange rates are more expensive than fixed).


Another popular exchange platform that does not ask for your personal information is SimpleSwap. You need to create an account but no personal information is required. The platform does not charge fees when trading, you need to pay network fees only.

SimpleSwap does not offer advanced trading tools, hence this platform is more suitable for beginners. The high range of available cryptocurrencies, the affiliate program, and low fees make SimpleSwap a profitable crypto exchange.

Last Step to Exchange BTC to XMR

Swapping Bitcoin to XMR can be a great idea, but remember that checking current and future trends on the market is crucial before making any exchange. Doing research prior to further steps is a characteristic of a skilled trader.

Afterwards, you only have to choose the best exchange from the above lisr and press the exchange button.

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