How to Improve Focus while Studying

Getting a good study habit that allows us to concentrate and retain the entire syllabus well is not an easy task. Nowadays, all people are subject to a large amount of stimuli, especially those from the Internet and social networks. 

In addition, many other people have responsibilities beyond the academic field, such as work or family. This affects and hinders our ability to concentrate and remember, causing frustration when preparing for an exam.

So, in this article we have mentioned some tips which can help you to improve focus while studying.

How to Improve Focus while Studying

The Internet and social networks are one of the biggest sources of distractions. For many young people, having their cell phone next to them can cause an urgent need to check it every five minutes, even without having notifications activated.

 For this reason, when it comes to improving our ability to study, the first thing of all is to remove what can distract us. In addition, we can use several techniques from Menspixel which are on focusing attention and focusing on the present moment.

Organize Study Space 

It is more than proven that to study in an agile and productive way it is necessary to have a large, quiet and orderly space. 

In this way, we can have at hand all the necessary materials and resources to feel comfortable and avoid any distractions.

Organize Time by Planning Tasks

If you want to study without pressure, it is important to plan the syllabus you must study and the hours you dedicate to each section. 

One of the tools that can help us are schedules. Through this graphic representation, we can include all the points to be discussed and divide them according to the time we have available and the level of involvement that said agenda requires. 

Don’t forget to be as realistic as possible when distributing the days and hours. You must keep in mind that the objective of this exercise is for our concentration to be 100% during the time we are studying.

On the other hand, another technique that you can use to improve productivity and maintain concentration is the Pomodoro technique. 

This consists of dividing work time into 25-minute intervals, known as “pomodoros,” followed by short 5-minute breaks.

Control Ambient Noise

Another factor that can negatively affect our concentration is ambient noise. Therefore, we recommend closing windows, turning off televisions and avoiding any type of distraction that may come from outside.

Additionally, it is good that the people who live with you know what your study routine is. This way, they can adapt to you to make as little noise as possible and respect your concentration.

Alternate Study

It is very important to combine the study syllabus according to its level of difficulty and our preferences. In this way, you will be able to activate your attention and maintain it more easily. 

For example, you can start with the most complicated topic, so that when your attention wanes, you activate it again with an easier topic.


The brain needs energy to function. For this reason, just as we rest our muscles, we also have to rest our mind. To do this, it is essential to sleep a minimum of 7 hours a day. 

In addition, you can also introduce practices that allow you to disconnect, such as yoga, meditation or physical exercise. This will help you reduce stress and focus your attention on the present moment.


Sports practice is beneficial at various levels. As far as concentration is concerned, sport helps release stress by increasing our concentration levels. 

In this way, your mood will also improve and you will cope better with the study routine.

Final Words

These are some of the best ways by which you can be focused and attentive while studying. And, although these techniques or habits may seem logical, few people apply them when studying. So, make sure to apply them.

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