How to Find the Best Solar Battery with Inverter Price? A Step-by-Step Guide

Home solar battery storage is an emerging investment for energy-conscious consumers. With solar panels on the roof, there is an obvious benefit of storing unused electricity in a battery to be used at night or on days with low sunlight. But how do these solar batteries work with inverters, and what are the steps to find the best solar inverter with battery price? Read on to understand. 

The concept of battery storage for homes is not new. Today, however, solar installations are becoming increasingly popular, and it is possible that in the next decade or so, most homes with solar panels will have a solar inverter with a battery system. 

Here is how to find the best solar inverter with battery price:

  • Check for the Capacity and Power

The capacity of a battery is measured in watt-hours or kilowatt-hours. It is the total amount of energy a solar inverter containing a battery can store. Remember, the higher the capacity of the battery, the more will be the available power at the time of a power outage, impacting the solar inverter with battery price. 

  • Depth of Discharge

It is the maximal utilization of the capacity of the battery, which can be safely drained without the need for a recharge. DoD values are always mentioned. Check this value to find the best solar inverter with battery price per your needs. 

  • Battery Life and Efficiency

As a battery is discharged and charged daily, the efficiency of the cell and the capacity eventually decrease. Solar inverter with battery typically has a 10-year warranty, while some other batteries are expected to last for up to 20 years. Frequent shedding of load can lead to the degradation of the entire system. While considering the solar battery with inverter price, it is vital to consider the frequent shedding aspect and the warranty. 



  • Warranty of the Solar Inverter with Battery

The term of warranty is a crucial condition set by the supplier of the solar inverter with battery. The term warranty is defined by three important factors, including the number of years, the cycle number, and the battery’s remaining capacity. Check the warranty to find the best solar inverter with battery price with respect to your household’s needs. 

  • The Requirement of Backup Time

Backup time is important when choosing the best solar inverter with battery price. The more the backup time required, the more will be the size of battery installation. Therefore, it is best to manually calculate the backup time requirement of your household to find the best solar inverter with battery price. 

The prices on the lower end tend to be only for the battery pack. A price on the higher end often means that the battery system comes with the solar inverter, as discussed. At the time of getting quotes, make sure the cost of all components is factored in. However, it is always wise to invest in the most suitable solar inverter with a battery price instead of retrofitting it into an already existing system, especially if the solar installation system is several years old. 

On a Parting Note

Households with a higher power consumption can make the solar inverter with battery price pay for itself in less than ten years. Also, when considering the solar inverter with battery price, it is important to ensure that the solar PV system is ready. 

Solar inverters with batteries are more about being independent from the grid than pure economics. However, investing in the right solar inverter with battery price is a must. Luminous offers the best solar inverter with battery price to ensure the utilization of solar energy in the most cost-efficient way, with more benefits in the long term. 

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