DNS Server not Responding’ errors on a Mac or PC

8 Ways to Fix ‘DNS Server not Responding’ errors on a Mac or PC

What is DNS Server?

The phonebook of the Internet is the Domain Name System. Domain names like medium.com or quora.com are used by people to access information online. People will enter the domain names to access the required information but these names are saved in the internet phonebook as a machine-readable address.

The domain name system (DNS) converts human-rememberable domain names into their corresponding numeric Internet Protocol (IP) addresses to identify and find computer systems and resources on the Internet. For example, www. quora.com is a human-readable domain name but the machine-readable IP address will look like (

The person who made the first request must be dealt with by the DNS resolver, which is the first stop in the DNS query. The resolver initiates the chain of queries that converts a URL into the required IP address.

What is the Reason for the “DNS Server Not Responding” Error?

When a person wants to access any information on the internet and enter the web address, sometimes it will lead to an error message. This error message can be “DNS Server Not Responding”.

The error message “DNS Server Not Responding” denotes that your browser was unable to connect to the internet. The majority of the time, DNS failures are brought on by issues with the user’s network or internet connection. But sometimes it can be due to the incorrectly configured DNS settings or an out-of-date browser. They may also be related to a brief server outage that prevents DNS access.

8 Ways to fix ‘DNS Server not Responding’ Errors

When all of a sudden, you are unable to visit any websites on the Internet. After that, you attempt to fix Windows network issues. It informs you that the DNS server is to blame for the problem.

 If you run into this issue, don’t worry every problem has a solution. The following instructions can help you fix DNS Server not responding issue. Let’s discuss the instruction details:

Troubleshoot Network Problem

The first step in resolving the “the DNS server isn’t responding” problem is to run network diagnostics. All problems and difficulties with the network may be easily identified and fixed using this way.

Restart your PC

The error message “DNS server not responding” might be brought on by an operating system that isn’t functioning properly. You must restart your computer in safe mode. Almost any network-related or security application can interfere with your DNS, so discover the issue in software and delete (or reinstall) it.

Refresh the Page

Always force a page refresh as soon as you get a DNS issue when trying to access a website. The browser is instructed to obtain a new copy of the page by way of a forced refresh, which necessitates a new DNS query. If the problem was just momentary, reloading the page should fix it.

Change the DNS Server Address

Try changing your DNS server address if none of the above-mentioned fixes worked to access the website. Your home network is set up to automatically request a DNS server address from your internet service provider. However, the internet service will also cease to function if your ISP’s DNS server is not responding, the specified DNS server is wrong, or the configured DNS server does not exist.

Change your DNS settings and use an alternative DNS address to fix this issue.

Restart Modem or Router

Think about rebooting your modem or router to clear the cache and perhaps resolve the DNS server issue. To switch off your router, locate the power button. Be patient for a few seconds before turning it back on. Check to see whether you can access the internet with your browser when the router re-establishes a connection.

Deactivate Antivirus  

If you want to save your PC from hackers, you must install antivirus and firewall software, however, sometimes these programs might be a problem for your Internet connection.

Try briefly turning off your antivirus and firewall to see if it resolves DNS server connection difficulties on Windows. It will be helpful on windows 10. Try returning to the webpage from your browser after turning off your firewall.

Enter MAC Address Manually

You must manually input the MAC address to correct the “DNS server is not responding” problem, but you must first use a Command Prompt and one of the tools to locate it. If you were using Google DNS before manually inputting the MAC address. There is a greater possibility that you can fix the issue of the DNS server by adding the MAC address manually.

Flush DNS Cache

The instructions to flush your DNS are different depending on your computer. It could be worthwhile to try clearing your DNS cache and resetting your IP if none of the troubleshooting techniques we discussed above were successful in fixing DNS Server not responding issue, it will be best if your IP needs to be reset or if your DNS needs to be cleared for it to connect to the internet.

In Conclusion

We have discussed the DNS server not responding issue on Windows and Mac and the procedures for resolving the issue. These techniques are professional and technical, and they should resolve your problem. Manually altering the DNS server settings is the shortest solution. After that, turn off your firewall, reboot your router, and try the connection once more.

But the best thing is to get in touch with your internet service provider and have it fully examined if the problem continues.

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