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The 6 Best Websites to Get Free PowerPoint Templates

It’s possible to create an awesome PowerPoint presentation in no time using free PowerPoint templates, however, it’s limited when it comes to creativity.

On the Internet, you can find a wide variety of free PowerPoint templates that can enhance your presentation. You simply need to download the ones you need, open them in PowerPoint or Google slides, and customize those infographic templates however you desire. 

We’ve rounded up a list of websites where you can download free PowerPoint templates.

Online Places to Find Free PowerPoint Templates

  1. Slide Hunter
  2. Presentation Magazine
  3. FPPT
  4. Showeet
  5. Slides Carnival
  6. 24Slides

Slide Hunter

Free PowerPoint templates from Slide Hunter are listed under a variety of topics including strategy, education, planning, charts, cycles, 3D, arrows, and timeline slides, etc. There are several screenshots available so you can check out what you’re downloading, as well as other templates you can use.

The templates require you to extract them from a ZIP file before you can use them, and there’s no information about the length or the number of slides in the slideshow.

Presentation Magazine

Presentation Magazine provides more than 67,000 free PowerPoint templates that are both creative and high quality. There is a large selection of categories to choose from, including medical, business, nature, educational, wedding, architectural, Christmas, travel, and weather.  They can be sorted by popularity, color, or tag.

You can choose from regular and animated templates, which are added frequently. Downloading them is also quick since you get them instantly on your computer, plus you get a preview of how they’ll look in your presentation.

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Although most templates are very basic and there is no rating system, there are still plenty to choose from.


A huge selection of free PowerPoint templates can be found on this popular website. The collection includes wedding templates, business templates, religious templates, graduation templates, nature templates, and abstract templates.

If you filter your search by category, keyword, tag, theme, or background, you can easily find a template that matches your needs.

It is possible to view user comments and download counts on the download pages, so you can decide if a template is right for you. Additionally, you do not need to register or wait for an ad before downloading, as they are downloaded immediately.

Nevertheless, some templates can be large and difficult to download, and there are not enough screenshots in order to give you a full understanding of the template.


You can browse Showeet’s free PowerPoint templates by tags such as fun, business, pattern, and more, as well as by viewing a lot of information about each one. There are also preview images on each download page, as well as instructions and tips on how to use the template.

Additionally, they update and add new templates from time to time, but you would need to follow them on social media or subscribe to their RSS feeds to get the latest updates.

The main downside is that the templates are stored in ZIP files, so you need to extract them before using them on your presentation.

Slides Carnival

The free Google Slides and PowerPoint templates available on Slides Carnival are perfect for low-budget projects. Templates, most recent themes, a search bar, or sorting using categories are all accessible via theme-based menus on the site.

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As part of the website, you will also find information explaining why the templates work so you can make a better decision.


As this site is clutter-free and there are no ads, finding a free PowerPoint template is a lot easier. 

Organize templates by category, featured, or most popular, or filter them by creative or corporate. All templates are professionally designed, clean, and easy to find. You can also view screenshots of the games, so you can narrow down your choices.

The downloads don’t need to be extracted from a ZIP folder since they download directly, and they’re stored in PPTX format so they can be used on your presentations.

The templates are available for download, but you need to sign up for a user account, and it has fewer categories.


Although we’ve highlighted only 6 websites where you can find free PowerPoint templates, there are many more options available. The designs are available for a variety of purposes, so you can impress your audience or secure your next job.

We’d love to know where you go to get free PowerPoint templates. Share your suggestions in a comment.

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