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Intel Core i7 Processor Vs. i9 Core Processor- Which Will Be the Best One for You?

CPU plays an important role when it comes to improving the overall performance of a PC. Hence, choosing the best processor in the market according to your requirements should be your priority. 

Hence, to help you with that, we will compare the new and advanced Intel i7 core processor and Intel i9 core processor in this article. However, both of them are good and offer outstanding performance. But you need to stick to one. Hence we will let you know what you should buy.

Comparison Between the i7 Core Processor and the i9 Core Processor

The Intel i7 core process has garnered immense popularity as a great alternative to both i5 and i3 core processors. The i7 is more than enough if you use your system for casual gaming and internet surfing. It will be a cost-effective choice for you as well. 

But Intel has come up with the i9 processor for a reason. It offers a faster clock speed and higher cores than the i7. Also, you can run some specific high-end applications and programs smoothly if you use the i9 core processor. Hence, depending on their requirements, it can be a better choice for some people. Now, let’s dive into the factors that make i7 and i9 different from each other.

  • Clock Speed

Clock speed is one of the significant things that make a difference in your PC’s performance. Clock speed is mainly the number of cycles your CPU makes. The more clock speed you will get, the better your performance. The clock speed range of the i7 core processor is between 2.9 GHz to 4.2 GHz. On the other hand, the clock speed of the i9 core processor will go up to 5.2 GHz. 

  • Number of Cores

Another thing that makes the i7 and i9 different is the number of cores. The i7 core processor offers 4 seats, while the new i9 core processor has come up with 8 or 10 bodies. Having a higher number of cores can be helpful for intensive system users. But it is not that necessary to get 10 seats. So, you can go for i7 if you won’t run any intensive applications or programs.

  • Multitasking Purpose

Often people run several programs at the same time. In this scenario, if you don’t have a powerful CPU, then your system will run at a very slow pace. Hence, you need a potent processor to make all the programs run smoothly without disruption. In this case, you can opt for the i9 core processor to run all of your programs very smoothly.

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You will see a noticeable change in your PC performance if you opt for the i9 core processor over the i7 core processor. But the difference is not that drastic. So, if you have the budget, then only go for the i9 processor since the Intel i9 processor price is much higher than the i7 processor. Otherwise, choose the i7, which will be sufficient enough.

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