How to Ship Your Car across the Country the Cheap & Easy Way

Instead of driving your vehicle across the country yourself, who could be dangerous and expensive, consider shipping it instead. There are various ways of doing this that you can choose depending on your budget and needs.

Choose Your Carrier & Get a Quote

Selecting the ideal car shipping company is one of the most essential steps of the process. After all, they’ll be handling something which holds great sentimental value to you; take time researching each one carefully to select one that meets all your needs best. Start by asking friends and family for recommendations before looking up reviews online to gain an impression of each company. Verify all registrations with the Department of Transportation (

When comparing companies, when selecting one you should narrow down your choices by considering which services it offers – terminal-to-terminal shipping, door-to-door service, open auto transport and enclosed auto transport are some of the options to look out for when choosing an auto shipping provider. You should also choose one with flexible scheduling options so your car can arrive when convenient for you.

Before requesting a quote for shipping your car, prepare it by clearing away personal belongings, disabling alarms and washing it thoroughly. Doing this will allow the driver to better identify existing damage and address it prior to transport. It also reduces weight while decreasing risk of leaks and ensures no additional harm during transit. Lastly, ensure your gas tank is less than quarter full so as to minimize weight and potential leakage issues.

Cross country vehicle shipping offers a safe and straightforward solution for moving cars across states or across countries. A reputable company that specializes in shipping car across country will pick up your car at its current location, load it into either an open or enclosed container trailer according to your needs, and transport it safely to its final destination. However, every company differs when it comes to costs; so the best way to determine yours is by getting several quotes for you from different shipping services.

Once you’ve obtained multiple quotes, choose the provider that offers the best value for your shipment. Ridly Auto Transport stands out by offering world-class GPS tracking capabilities as well as unrivaled customer service – with their initial quote guaranteeing not to change upon booking!

Book Your Shipment

Shipping your car cross-country can be an excellent solution to ease stress while saving on costs by eliminating long drives between destinations. Preparing your car before shipping involves removing personal belongings, disabling alarms, ensuring fluid levels are optimal and emptying its tank (some companies request you maintain certain levels to reduce weight).

Once you’ve selected and booked a carrier for your shipment, they should send a confirmation with details on all services included and what details about your vehicle need to be supplied – such as make and model, year etc. Some providers even provide instant quotes online which can help compare prices while providing insight into pickup/delivery processes and the expected timelines.

According to this link, most reputable transportation services will also be licensed and insured, making them important components of any service provider’s offering. Licensing ensures they possess all of the required permits to operate while insurance protects in case anything goes amiss during transit. It can also be useful to get references from previous customers that give an idea of their reliability and customer service capabilities.

Prepare Your Car

Step one of transporting your car should always include cleaning it from top to bottom – both inside and out! A clean vehicle makes it easier to spot and document any preexisting damage or any that might occur during transport, and taking multiple photos from different angles prior to loading on the truck gives an accurate record that can help compare conditions at pickup and delivery.

Remove items that will be moved during transport from your vehicle, such as E-Z Passes and toll tags as well as emergency kits. Leaving these in your car increases their risk of loss or damage and it is wise not to store anything of high value; insurance usually does not cover such losses.

Last but not least, check the tire pressure of your car before shipping. This step is integral as overinflated or underinflated tires could get punctured during transport and result in punctures during delivery. If any low tires exist it’s wise to get replacements prior to shipping.

Be sure to inquire with the broker or carrier about their policy or your personal auto insurer regarding insurance for transporting your car. They could have their own plan or will defer to

Once you’ve booked your shipment with a carrier and made payment arrangements, stay in contact with them during the shipping process. Your rep should provide a tracking number, driver details, and an estimated timeline for when your car will arrive. It’s also wise to keep an eye on local news and weather reports in case any delays arise during transit.

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