Top 5 Places to Visit In Ladakh In Summer For A Great Trip

Ladakh is renowned for its awe-inspiring landscape, craggy mountains, offbeat trails etc. However, cold deserts and huge glaciers determine the topography of Ladakh but, do you know this place is more pleasant and easy to access during summer when temperature ranges between 22-32 degrees celsius.

Besides experiencing cold weather, one also gets an opportunity to seek solace in the numerous gompas and stupas. Satisfy your crave for adventures by indulging in thrilling activities like hiking, rock climbing, camping, and sightseeing.
On your way, you are fortunate to witness quaint villages  to strike up a conversation with the local people to explore more about their culture and festivals. We have curated a list of the best places that one must visit during the summer and enjoy the Leh Ladakh tour with utmost joy.

Pangong Lake

Pangong lake is among the most popular tourist attractions situated on the Changthang plateau of eastern Ladakh. The place is blanketed with white sand and crystal clear azure lakes. This lake is also a prime location for camping and bonfire.

So if you are planning to visit Ladakh any time soon do not forget to experience staying in the tent and star gazing here. Besides, you will get to see the rare species of birds–bar-headed goose and brahminy duck. And some wildlife species such as kiang and marmot.

Usually, the place is crowded with tourists throughout the year but if you are looking forward to a spacious exploration feel free to visit this place during the off-season i.e. between January-may.

Magnetic Hill

Magnetic hills is an intriguing cyclops hill, the ground of this magical place is said to be operating against gravity. The car buses trucks or any other vehicles on the road move by themselves effortlessly in a given space.

However, there is a phenomenon  behind it: the layout of the area and design of slopes creates an optical illusion that helps vehicles move even if the brakes are off. There are plenty of theories backing this strange wonders of nature.

If you are wondering which is notably the best time to visit the palace, note that July to September will help you make the most out of the trip. Moreover, there are plenty of hotels with spacious rooms near magnetic hills to accommodate.

Thiksey Monastery

The Thiksey monastery is one of the most serene and divine Buddhist monasteries of Ladakh. This monastery is elevated atop 11,800 feet above sea level, and it is looked after by the yellow hat (Gelugpa).
The monastery is also a study center for newbie Tibetan medical students. You can learn about the culture of Kangyur, a place in Ladakh via scriptures and ancient manuscripts; there’s an immense collection of books, journals, and statues to get enlightened.
October and November is the best time to embark on your magical journey. So, plan a trip to Thiksey monastery and marvel at the magnificent Indus valley and stock ranges.

Royal Leh Palace

Most of us view Ladakh with gushing waterfalls, magnificent lakes, white sand, and panoramic landscape. However, royal places and rich cultures have a fair bit of share in their enriching beauty. Royal Leh Palace is one such enchanting place to visit in Ladakh.
Resembling the reminiscence of Potala palace, the Leh Palace is now a prominent royal family’s glory of the town. The stunning statue of Buddha behind the palace adds more allure to the beauty of the ruin.
Appreciating the outer surface of the Leh palace is not enough as it is equally beautiful from within. However, you may find it a bit offbeat for its dark and dank ambiance. But the overall experience of exploring these magnificent places is going to remain with you.

Tso Moriri

Have you ever imagined yourself sitting on the shore of an azure lake surrounded by majestic mountains? And if that’s the case, Tso Moriri Lake is the place to be. It is a lake perched 1500 feet above sea level, which is something incredible about this palace.

However, it takes a lot of guts for a tourist to choose this place for exploration solely because of its insane altitude, and Tso Moriri is considered one of such places. For its impeccable unhindered ambiance, it still manages to attract daring travelers.

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