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How To Do WhatsApp Marketing Effectively for Your Business

People have been using WhatsApp for many years to communicate with friends and family. However, businesses didn’t use it to connect directly with their customers until recently. Companies realized that the instant messaging app can help them engage their customers more personally.

As a result of this increased usage, WhatsApp has over 2 billion active users. It’s a great application to send bulk messages to your customers. Sending bulk WhatsApp messages automates your marketing initiatives; therefore, you should take advantage of its features to create brand awareness.

So then, let’s review how to use bulk WhatsApp messages effectively for your business.

Benefits of Using Bulk WhatsApp Messages in Your Business

Low Cost: Businesses prefer to use  WhatsApp marketing tools for their marketing campaigns because it’s less expensive. You only need a good internet connection, computer, or smartphone. WhatsApp has excellent features to send texts, videos, audio, and PDF to multiple people without any cost.

Safe: WhatsApp is a safe platform because it has encrypted message transfer. Its users are thus sure that their data or information is secure.

One-to-One Communication: WhatsApp allows you to engage your clients directly. You can send polls and surveys to an unlimited number of customers to understand the demand for your products and services. After that, you can engage each customer personally, provide quick responses and revive their feedback.

How to Send Bulk WhatsApp Messages

Bulk WhatsApp messages is a method of sending messages to an unlimited number of people. The free-to-download WhatsApp application allows you to send messages to 256 people in your contact per day. The following is how you can send bulk WhatsApp messages to multiple people.

WhatsApp Broadcast

WhatsApp broadcast is a feature that enables you to send a single message to multiple people simultaneously. That simply means sending bulk WhatsApp messages to people in your contact list at once.

Each customer receives a message from you without knowing others received similar messages. This feature is ideal for the following purposes:

  • Informing your customers about upcoming events, sales, store closures
  • Popularize a new branch or store opening
  • Announce the launch of new products or services
  • Share exclusive discount codes with customers

WhatsApp broadcasting has its limitations. For instance, you can only send messages to the saved contacts. These must be in batches of 256 recipients, so sending bulk messages to 1,000 plus customers can be a big challenge.

WhatsApp Sender Tools

WhatsApp has become strict on how businesses send mass messages. In fact, the platform blocks people who violate its rules, such as sending spam. WhatsApp Business is the tool that small companies use to communicate with their customers.

There are many WhatsApp bulk message sender apps you can use to send bulk messages and stay within the WhatsApp terms and conditions. They include

WA Sender

The sophisticated platform is a free WhatsApp Marketing chrome extension tool for sending bulk messages to multiple contacts. WA web Sender automates your WhatsApp marketing campaigns by enabling you to send messages to multiple users on your WhatsApp list at once.

The bulk WhatsApp messaging tool works with Google Chrome Browser. The WA Web Messenger application allows you to send announcements and notifications about upcoming events or product launches to your customers.


The WhatsApp marketing tool allows you to send bulk messages to multiple customers. These unlimited bulk WhatsApp messages can be in the form of text, images, audio, videos, PDF, and much more.

Further, WhatSo supports multiple languages, and your clients receive custom messages bearing their names. You can also increase user engagement using its anti-blocking technology feature.


The application is user-friendly and perfect for sending customized marketing messages. This WhatsApp Marketing chrome extension tool allows you to send bulk promotional offers, announcements, updates, or seasonal greetings from a computer.

WhatSender enables you to create multiple variations of messages. Using this WhatsApp web tool, you can send these messages to different customer categories.


The article has given you tips on how to use bulk WhatsApp messages effectively for your business. Sending bulk WhatsApp messages to multiple people has because easier and less expensive, yet it keeps your customers updated about your offerings.

WhatsApp sender tools make sending unlimited messages to saved and unsaved contacts easy. Most of these WhatsApp Marketing chrome extension tools are user-friendly. You can try them and share the outcome with us.

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