5 Generator Safety Tips To Avoid Unnecessary Accidents 

A diesel generator can power all the essential devices needed during an emergency or a power outage. Diesel generators have become irreplaceable secondary energy sources, used during frequent power cuts or emergency outages caused by natural disasters. Most residential areas or housing societies install a diesel generator to ensure an uninterrupted power supply for utilities like elevators. Diesel generators are also widely utilized by several industrial sectors as the primary or secondary source of electricity to ensure maximum uptime of their machinery. 

Even though dg engines are widely used, one must follow all the necessary safety protocols to ensure people’s or employees’ health and safety. Failure to do so can result in an accident, causing loss of life and property.  

Here Are 5 Basics of Residential or Industrial Generator Safety: 

1) Avoid Any Closed Spaces While the Generator is in Use 

Avoid Any Closed Spaces While the Generator is in Use 

An enclosed space refers to closed areas like basements and garages without proper ventilation. Generators produce carbon monoxide along with other harmful gases. Running a diesel generator in an enclosed space is hazardous because carbon monoxide in large amounts is capable of causing death or life-threatening injury. While installing a diesel generator, one must ensure adequate space of about 20-25 feet from any residential building or workplace. Also, the generator’s exhaust pipe must point away from the residential building or workplace. 

2) Proper Generator Storage 

Proper Generator Storage 

Most residential generators are portable gensets. When the generator is not in use, one must store it securely on a level surface, so it does not accidentally slip or start rolling. One can install locking arrangements on the wheels of the portable generator to stop it from moving. A diesel generator, be it industrial or residential, must be stored in a cool, dry, clean, and easily accessible location. The generator must be adequately covered when not in use. One can install a genset container to prevent water from seeping into the generator as this reduces the longevity of parts through rusting. A rusted generator poses a higher risk of a short-circuit. 

3) Make Use of a Ground Wire 

Make Use of a Ground Wire 

Appliances connected to the generator must be connected through heavy-duty extension cords that are securely grounded. If the wires are not grounded, it increases the risk of electrocution. 

4) Examine All the Power Cords 

Examine All the Power Cords 

Uncovered power cords in workplaces or residential areas are a tripping hazard. Tripping over the cords might also pull them out of the socket and damage the generator outlet. The wires plugged into the generator should also be checked frequently for fraying or exposure. Covering the power cords with cable covers is advised by all manufacturing companies. 

5) Do Not Overload the Generator 

Do Not Overload the Generator 

Overloading a generator happens when there are too many appliances running at once. Overloading stretches the generator’s wattage capacity and may cause short circuits, blown fuses, and damaged diodes.  

It is always better to follow basic safety protocols and take preventive measures to avoid unnecessary accidents. A diesel generator from a reputed manufacturer is necessary for peace of mind as they provide reliable, safe, and fuel-efficient generators. Baudouin is among the most reputed genset manufacturers in India and offers safe and cost-effective generators. 

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