5 Great Ways to Improve Your Health

Improving personal health takes time and commitment to the process. There is an overwhelming amount of personal growth that takes place once you begin the process of introspection. Although some of these realizations can be alarming, they ultimately act as catalysts for emotional maturity. To help you embrace improving your health, here are five ways to get started.

  • Eat A Healthy Diet

Your diet reflects the hygiene of your body. Eat foods that nourish your mind and body and make you feel good. Consider low-carb diets to reduce your body’s reliance on sugar and feed your brain! Your brain is 66% fat, so stop thinking of fat as the enemy and toss some olive oil on your salad for a healthy source of fat. Get some bloodwork done and find out where you are deficient in essential nutrients. From there, get vitamin chews to fill in the gaps. 

  • Start Keeping A Journal

Jotting down your thoughts and feelings throughout the day can provide the relief you may feel like you need if stress starts to build. However, we have only so many free moments in a day, so perhaps the goal here should be to set aside a nightly ritual where you spend a few moments writing in your journal. This can also be done in the morning, during your lunch break, or any other time of the day. Set time for yourself to be with yourself. Make sure you have a journal you love to look forward to the practice. Using a writing utensil you enjoy is also important!

  • See A Therapist

As mental health awareness grows, working with a therapist is becoming more commonplace. Everyone could use someone to talk to, and there is no one more equipped to help than a trained and licensed therapist. 

Depending on your individual needs, the type and duration of therapy may look differently for you than for someone else, and that is okay. Look around and ask for referrals from those you trust. Talking about your life once a week can do wonders. 

  • Get Some Exercise

Exercise is crucial for your overall health. Not only does it promote mental clarity, but it is also a cleanser for the entire body. Your internal system functions much more successfully with active moments and consistency. Aim to exercise for at least thirty minutes a day, five days a week to keep your system running smoothly. 

You may notice better sleep, better work productivity, and healthier digestion with a habit of daily exercise. Find activities that you genuinely enjoy and get moving! End your session with a cool-down such as light stretching or a slow walk. Getting your heartrate to return to its baseline gradually is also essential! 

  • Get Enough Sleep 

We all have circadian rhythms, which let our bodies know the best times for sleeping and waking. While they vary from one individual to the next, we should all generally be awake when the sun comes up and wind down when the sun goes down. Start prioritizing your sleep to notice immense differences in your overall health and wellbeing. Consider switching your phone to night mode to reduce the glow of blue light when you’re in bed. You can also get red light bulbs for the evening to induce sleep. 

The Bottom Line

Improving your health is about the daily steps you take that impact your well-being over time. Not all these benefits appear overnight, but you can get there and reap what you sow with enough consistency! Stay diligent and effective in your efforts to improve your health and use the tips above to guide your wellness journey! 

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