8 Hygiene Practices for a Healthy You 

8 Hygiene Practices for a Healthy You 

A person’s health is crucial for its overall wellbeing and an important component of this is good hygienic practices. Apart from being crucial for overall health, good hygienic practices keep you away from disease conditions and boost a person’s confidence.

Although good hygiene tends to improve your appearance and can up your health game, however, most people find it difficult to start. People don’t know where to take a start, if you are one of them don’t worry you are not alone.

Good Hygienic Practices for Better Health

Here are a few habits that you can start with to improve your health. These include;

1- Washing and cleaning

One of the best things to start with is to ensure a regular cleaning routine for yourself. Here cleaning is what you take in as a bathing routine. It is recommended to take shower daily and for older people, taking shower twice a week can be a good practice. It removes the dead skin skins and washes away germs and dirt from your body surfaces.

2- Take care of our oral hygiene

Better oral health guarantees numerous health benefits for a person’s overall health. You can incorporate brushing your teeth twice a day in your oral hygiene practices. Apart from this, the use of mouthwash and flossing once a day might also be good for your overall oral health.

3- Keep your nails clean

Other than your body and oral hygiene, your nail health is also important. Trimming and cleaning your nail frequently can keep the infection at bay. Moreover, it is also important to clean or sanitize your nail grooming tools, as mentioned by a renowned physician from doctors hospital in Johar Town Lahore when I visited her for a recurring nail infection.

4- Your makeup products need to be cleaned too

Other than your body, things that come in your regular contact are crucial and can also affect your health in both positive and negative manner. This is particularly important for your makeup products.

Your makeup brushes and sponges can house millions of microbes on their surfaces when you don’t wash those for a longer time. Therefore, frequently washing your makeup applying products is often recommended to protect your skin from infections and damage.

5- Sanitizer is a must

Although going through the global pandemic, we all have become habitual of regular cleaning and sanitizing practices. But it is really important to clean and sanitize your kitchen or workplace surfaces to get rid of germs causing numerous health problems.

According to a physician at Hameed Latif hospital of Lahore, you don’t always need to rely on commercially available sanitizers, you can prepare DIY hand sanitizers as they have more or less the same efficacy.

6- Pay attention to body odour

Depending upon your daily habits, routine and seasonal changes, your body odour can be problematic. To keep your body odour away, you need to keep your underarm and groin region clean. Other than this, you can consider what you’re wearing and can also ensure a shaving routine for your underarm and pubic hair. Hair removal from the surfaces can result in less germ accumulation that will improve your health management.

7- Your sleep hygiene is important

Peaceful night sleep is important for the efficient working of our brain. Though sleep requirements can vary from person to person, 6-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep can also boost your immune system and improve the body’s functioning in general.

Among other factors, sleep quality directly depends upon how comfortable and clean your bedroom environment is. Thus, cleaning your bedding and pillow covers can be an important factor that determines the quality of your sleep.

8- Clean your feet

Your feet need proper cleaning and need to be washed every time you are taking a shower. Clean your nails properly and ensure that you always opt for the right footwear.

Takeaway Note!

Your personal hygiene is the key to your overall health. Other than the above-mentioned things, you also need to work on your clean clothing, eating, and environmental cleaning. You can slowly add these to your existing personal care practices because all these habits make a healthy you, a happy you!

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