How To Remove Water From iPhone – Complete Guide

Dropped your iPhone in water? We can definitely understand you are right now really worried about how you will be fixing your iPhone if you just have dropped your iPhone in water. Apple claims that the latest models like iPhone X, 11 or 12 are coming with IP rating which means those are supposed to be water-proof but they are not. And also, if you have an older version of iPhone then there are more chances that your device has stopped working currently. In most of the cases, water gets into the lightning port or sometimes in the speaker of the iPhone making it sound muffled. 

In some cases water may get into the camera as well and it becomes difficult to remove the water from camera lenses. But don’t worry, today in this article we are going to tell you different ways of removing water from your iPhone. You can try these methods and fix your water-damaged iPhone really quickly.

How to remove water from iPhone

Method 1: Using Siri Shortcut

This is the best method to remove water from your iPhone’s speakers to get the proper sound from the speakers. Apple doesn’t allow you to do this by default but we have got a solution foir you guys. For this method you need to enable the installation of untrusted shortcuts on your mobile device. You can follow the below steps:

  • Go to Settings
  • Shortcuts 
  • Allow Untrusted Shortcuts
  • Download Water Eject shortcut
  • Move to the bottom of the Add Shortcut page 
  • Click on Add Untrusted Shortcut
  • Now, open the Shortcut app 
  • Go to My Shortcuts
  • Click on the Water Eject shortcut
  • Click on Begin

This will start removing water from the speakers of your iPhone. 

Method 2: Drying iPhone with rice

So the most popular trick to dry out an iPhone is using uncooked rice. It is important to absorb all the water which has entered the iPhone at the earliest and using rice is the best way of doing it. So what you need to do is just turn off your iPhone and take a bowl of uncooked rice and place your iphone inside it for at least 48 hours. You can also use a hair dryer to remove the water from your iPhone.

Method 3:  Using a website

If the above two methods didn’t work for you then open the Tone Generator Website which will help you to remove water from your device. You can follow the below steps for this method.

  • Select the frequency value
  • Make it 150 Hz
  • Click on Play

Method 4: Use Silica Gel – Best for removing water from Camera lens

While drying devices using rice, there are chances that the device absorbs the dirt of rice and it will become more difficult to remove that dirt from the iPhone. So Silica Gel  is an alternative to rice which can be really helpful. You just need enough silica gel packets to cover your iPhone. Getting silica gel sachets should not be difficult. You need to keep your iPhone turned off with silica gel packs for at least 48 hours. This method is useful if the water has entered into your camera lenses. 

Method 5: Service Center

If the above Do It Yourself methods do not work in your case then the last option that you have is to take the iPhone to the service center where they will dismantle the device and remove the water internally. 

Bottom Line

So, whichever iPhone you have and whatever is the IP rating of your iPhone, please try not to submerge your iPhone as Apple doesn’t cover water damage under their warranty policies. But you can try the above methods and hope it helps.

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