How does Desku support  WhatsApp marketing in your business?

Whatsapp is the most crucial part of the business today were with the certainty of ease in communication with the customers or work-related any queries in line. Desku a helpdesk support software for eCommerce helps in managing customer support seamlessly. 

 Desku a helpdesk support software

Talking about customers, they are going to contact you from any available communication channel of your business, and thus it becomes much more difficult to answer each customer from different platforms and sometimes you may lose some customers too! Is it not a nightmare for you? Well not anymore. Desku helps in connecting the WhatsApp business account so that it becomes easier for you to deal with your customers through Whatsapp. 

Let’s have a more detailed look at how Desku support Whatsapp Marketing in your business

Explore the Whatsapp catalogues and carts

The end-to-end services of Whatsapp that serve you are something that every business owner is looking for in managing customer support services. If you are a business owner, customers help in showcasing your business products or services by displaying them with 

the catalogues in the Whatsapp Business. The carts help in levelling up your business representation amongst your customers. Your customers can have a look at the product or services that you are into. 

By connecting your Whatsapp business account with Desku, you can set your catalogues as an auto-reply for your customers. Not only that but it comes with a better experience of interaction with your customers.

Get hands-free interaction with customers

Yes, you heard it right. Do not just overflow the pending messages into your account and stress about it later. Automate your workflows with the simple features added in it for a better customer experience over Whatsapp. Desku uses the OOO delayed and welcome notification for managing the interaction of customers. It helps in triggering the automatic messages when the customer tries to approach you or interact with you.

It is the perfect version of managing the high volume of customer engagement. It helps in easy maintenance of conversation with not losing out on any customers. 

Carry forward the bulk campaigns and broadcasts. 

Carry out the bulk WhatsApp campaigns and broadcasts to send any update of your company or any offer that you have announced can declare to your customers in time to maintain the connection with customers, they should know you care about them. It is possible to also move the single campaign and to recur the campaigns. 

The appropriate call to action button should be used so that customers can connect it to you easily. Customers should always connect and reach out to you easily. This will also elevate the performance of your campaigns.

Make use of the Shared Team Box

If your Whatsapp is one of the main sources of customer engagement, then it becomes a bit difficult for the business owner to handle every client or customer through it. When it comes to managing customers, it needs a proper team for handling it if you want to provide the best customer experience. The consistency in providing answers to your customers brings down the massive change in the business. We cannot keep on giving our numbers for accessing Whatsapp to support agents. The shared team inbox helps in managing customer support by the support team. It streamlines the query resolving into one a quick resolution. 

It increases the productivity amongst the team by collaborating easily. It allows you to prepare the templates for quick replies and to avoid the repetitive questions of customers. Just send the pre-made templates and replies.

Frequently looking at the abandoned carts?

Talking about human nature, often people surf around the products and items and also put them in the cart but do not purchase them. We often do this and we cannot deny it. Well, it’s time for abandoned cart items customers to make them buy. You will get the data of customers who have not bought anything or put it in the cart. Well bring those customers and make them complete the shopping that they were drooling over.

With the power of automation, you can send automated messages to customers who have abandoned the cart. Tell them about the beneficial discounts they can observe if they are purchasing a product right now. 


Wrapping up with the conclusion that by reaching a certain level in the business, it needs to be managed in the most organised ways. Especially when considering customer support. By integrating the Whatsapp business account you will observe ease in the business working flow and suddenly see the escalation in the business. 

Why hustle and suffer in managing customers? When you can simply manage it through Desku.

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