Here’s The Easiest Class 9 Mathematics Chapters Ever From The NCERT Book-

Class 9 Maths is not a breezy walk as some may suggest, students are bound to have difficulties when entering Class 9 and studying Mathematics. Not to mention that there are a whopping 15 chapters that students have to learn and perfect their craft in so that they can get good marks in the Class 9 semester examinations.  

Keen eyed students may also notice that the Class 8 NCERT Maths Book had 16 chapters, as compared to the 15 chapters of this year’s Class 9 NCERT Maths Book. This will surely come as a relief for Class 9 students, who had to study 16 chapters in the last class, but students must also note that there are chapters that are significantly tough in Class 9 Maths, this includes chapters like the trick Surface Areas and Volumes chapter, or the Areas of Parallelograms and Triangles chapter which previous Class 9 students have considered to be one of the hardest chapters in Class 9 Maths.

The tough chapters require a lot of time and hard work to master and crack, these chapters are absolutely necessary if a student has to score good marks in the Class 9 CBSE Maths exams because these chapters contain questions that test the student’s knowledge of the subject with tricky questions and discomfort-zone questions, so it is pretty obvious that students will spend a huge part of their Class 9 academic year when studying these chapters. 

In contrast, the easier chapters of Class 9 Mathematics will take lesser time and hard work to master. However, students must take note of the fact that despite how easy chapters are, they still require concentration and practice so that students can excel in them without any problem, most of the time students will end up taking these chapters lightly and will definitely mess up easy questions that come in the exams from these chapters because they underestimated the easy chapters. 

But that can be changed, for example students should take note of this advice- it is always better to master the easier challenges in life before moving on to the hard ones, because if one is unable to do the tougher challenges in life and spends all the time doing that only, then they won’t have time to do the easier challenges which were sitting there unsolved and waiting to be done with. This advice also applies to Class 9 students who end up devoting their whole academic year to studying the hardest chapters but completely forget to study the easier ones which would have taken less time to study and master. If during an exam a student is able to solve the harder questions but is not able to do the easier ones, then they would miss out on some crucial marks which could be the difference between day & night in getting good marks, or even better, topping the class with the most marks!

So here are some of the easiest chapters of Class 9 Mathematics that we suggest students master first before moving on to the tougher chapters-

  • Statistics — Statistics is hands down one of the easiest chapters in Class 9 Maths that students can study. This chapter contains concepts that are easy to grasp and understand, such as the ungrouped frequency table, or the bar graphs, histograms, frequency polygons, and even the measures of central tendency topic. These topics require a lot of practice to perfectly answer their questions because students will find that it takes two or three tries to solve these graphs and tables in a short amount of time. This chapter helps students understand the use and making of data, and how data is presented in graphs, histograms, and frequency polygons (as mentioned above). Students must practice this chapter thoroughly if they want to get good marks because this chapter is considered to be one of the most scoring chapters.
  • Coordinate Geometry — Coordinate Geometry is fairly useful in real life and is very easy to learn, students should once again take note that it is easy to mess up in this chapter too if they do not take care of the fact that no practice will land them in a spot where they can make mistakes and lose marks. Students will learn about the Cartesian plane & the corresponding line which are called the coordinate axes, students will also learn about simple concepts of coordinate geometry like what the point of intersection in a plane is called, the abscissa & ordinate, and the x-axis & the y-axis. This also is very scoring chapter for students, and with ample practice, students can give the answers to questions from this chapter with ease. A prime example of a use of the knowledge of Coordinate Geometry is the latitude and longitude measurements of the earth.
  • Probability — Simply put, this is definitely the easiest chapter in Class 9 Mathematics and is a chapter which can guarantee you free marks, but as said before, students must keep practicing if they want to get the right answer. Probability is the branch of Mathematics where in one can calculate the possibility of an event happening, or how likely it is that it will not happen at all. Students will learn about the difference between experimental probability and theoretical probability, they will also be taught that the probability of an event surely happening is, with that of an impossible event being 0. This is pretty much all that is taught in the chapter, so it is a scoring chapter. But students should also take note of the fact that sometimes the Class 9 Maths examination will not include questions from this chapter due to its simple concepts.


That’s about it for the three easiest chapters that a Class 9 student should take note of before studying the harder chapters in their Maths syllabus. Students may also take help from problem-solving books like RD Sharma Solutions Class 9 in order to get more practice out of these chapters.

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