Young and successful Real estate entrepreneur in India

Thinking about real estate. It is an independent business and one of the most profitable businesses/ industries in India after agriculture. According to the reports and latest research India is one of the leading countries in producing the best real estate projects and entrepreneurs in Asia. The real estate industry can be divided into three different sections that are commercial, residential, and land including all the sectors growing in India because of increased middle-class investments in this sector.

Here is the list of some successful and young real estate entrepreneur in India that have achieved fame in such a short period.

  • Sameer Gehlaut: Sameer Gehlaut is one of the youngest real estate entrepreneur of India. He completed his graduation from IIT Delhi in 1994 in the field of Mechanical Engineering. Later, he went to the US in Halliburton for his job in the area of oil services. In 1997 he left his job at Halliburton and returned back to India. With two of his friends, he started his own company in the area of online brokerage service. 

The name of the company was Indiabulls. Lakshmi Mittal began to support him from the start. From the time of its commencement, he has been the president of major companies started by Indiabulls Group which includes Indiabulls Housing Finance, Indiabulls Power, and Indiabulls Real Estate.

  • Rohit Reddy: Rohit Reddy is one of the youngest and most successful real estate entrepreneur in India. He is the founder of Signature Developers company. This company is situated in Hyderabad. This is one of the leading and fast-growing real estate companies which is constantly growing at a faster pace. He has completed his graduation in the USA from Purdue University. Rohit Reddy is also famous for his passion and dedication to fitness, fashion, and for his lifestyle. 

He is passionate about real estate, entertainment, and power. Currently, He is having an estimated net worth of approximately $200 million. Signature Developers became famous because of its project which was to build 25 premium apartments in Banjara Hills. Presently Rohit Reddy is constantly working on building two companies that are Signature Horizon and Signature Estates, both these companies are looking forward to providing a luxurious living experience. 

  • Vikas Oberoi: Vikas Oberoi is currently serving as the MD (Managing Director), Chairman, and CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Oberoi Realty Group. Vikas Oberoi has an experience of more than 20 years in the field of the real estate industry. Let’s talk about the educational background of Vikas Oberoi, he has pursued and completed his President’s/Owner’s Management Program from the Business School of Harvard popularly known as Harvard Business School. 

Oberoi Realty has completed 34 projects to date. These projects cover a total of five million square feet of suburban places in Mumbai. The company Oberoi construction was started by Vikas Oberoi’s father in the year 1985. Later, in 1997 he took the company with a total stake of 75%. This company is mainly working on residential, commercial, domestic, and marketable projects. 

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