You have to select ergonomic furniture carefully; haste makes waste. Opinion

You have to select ergonomic furniture carefully; haste makes waste. Opinion

Check for height-adjustability, lumbar support, visual appeal, warranty, and after-sales-support. And yes, always go for a brand that enjoys market goodwill.

Ergonomic furniture is not something that can be selected arbitrarily. Neither is it something so commonplace that everyone knows about its entire intricacies and nuances. Ergonomic furniture is office furniture that’s designed to enhance the physical and mental comforts of people; it’s engineered with utmost care and compassion, and delivers the same to working professionals. This also means that not every company which claims to offer ergonomic furniture lives up to its words. You have to be careful and save yourself from impostors. Although this is an extreme case, it cannot be brushed aside. Looking to move a Small moves– long distance – and it is not quite big enough for a conventional mover? Maybe you’re just looking to move some boxes, a few pieces of furniture or perhaps a small apartment?

Moreover, in order to be categorised as ergonomic, the furniture should meet certain criteria. It should be height-adjustable; equipped with lumbar support; must be aesthetic; productivity-enhancing; and facilitate long-term savings and returns-on-investment. Well, these are the technical criteria that ergonomic furniture should meet. Talking from the customer’s point of view, ergonomic furniture should be backed by a warranty, and holistic post-sales-assistance. In fact, if a customer has chosen an ergonomic furniture option that doesn’t suit them, then the ergonomic furniture company should be ready and willing to provide a replacement. Ergonomic furniture, sans these precedents, is not a worthwhile investment. 

These are the 5 qualities that make furniture truly ergonomic


Ergonomic furniture comprises sit stand desks, office desk chairs, ergo stools, and desk converters. All of these variants have ‘height-adjustability’ as their stand-out feature. Height-adjustability implies that ergonomic furniture should be designed in such a manner that it easily accommodates people of different shapes and sizes. Height-adjustability also means that people who use ergonomic furniture must develop good posture. So, as a customer, you are required to gauge this feature with utmost care. Ensure that whatever you are going to buy meets the height-adjustability criteria. If it requires a touch and feel, then go for it.

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Lumbar support

Lumbar alludes to the lower back, and it’s also a defining feature of ergonomic chairs, stools, sit stand desks, and smart desk converters. Here too, you must not shy away from assessing the quality of lumbar support that your ergonomic furniture option provides.  If you are selecting ergonomic furniture at a retail outlet, you may consider experimenting with a perch and test the lumbar support. If the lumbar help is weak, then it’s always a good option to reject the ergonomic furniture. Well, without adequate lumbar support, you would fall prey to backpains, which can hamper your fitness and productivity.

Mobility at the workplace

Ergonomic furniture is meant to make you a fit, healthy, and productive working professional. In order to meet these criteria, ergonomic furniture should be such that it allows you to stay active at the workplace. For example, sit stand desks facilitate the stand-and-work approach quite handsomely. Ergonomic stools give you the option of swivelling, stretching, relaxing, and unwinding at the workstation. Desk converters give you the option of alternating between sitting and standing as you work. Meanwhile, ergonomic desk chairs allow easy mobility through their five-wheeled legs. The whole idea of mobility is to keep you active at work; this helps in burning calories and mitigating the risks of diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular illnesses. 

Aesthetic appeal

Gladly, office ergonomics leaves a lot of scope for visual appeal. In tune with this sentiment, ergonomic furniture is designed to enhance the overall ambience of the workplace. If you look at top-notch ergonomic furniture, you’ll see that its visual appeal speaks for itself. While office desk chairs are sophisticated, sit stand desks exude minimalism. Meanwhile, ergonomic stools are chic and elegant, while the smart desk converters are simplistic. While selecting ergonomic furniture you should check the appeal factor quite seriously.

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Backed by warranty and after-sales-assistance

Ergonomic furniture can be called truly ergonomic if it’s backed by warranty and after-sales-support. Well, only a brand with integrity and market goodwill can provide these to customers. This is indeed an inseparable part of ergonomics, and a yardstick to judge an ergonomic furniture manufacturer’s compassion towards customers.


Ergonomic furniture selection requires you to adopt an analytical approach.

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