Why You Should Use Dynamics 365 As Your CRM?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the prime platform to maintain your business website digitally and use integrated resources of CRM and ERP.

A renowned Microsoft Dynamics Partner in UAE can guide you in any complicated digital transformation journey and help streamline all business functions.

What is CRM?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is software that manages all of your company’s relationships and helps improve them.

In addition, it helps find new customers and also offers additional services for the company’s relations with customers, employees, service users, and suppliers.

Why is CRM important for your business?

  • CRM software allows you to keep an overview of your customers, which can be used to improve your strategies and boost financial gains.
  • You can register your contacts and leads into categories like prospects, suppliers, customers, influencers, potential partners, and partners.
  • A CRM software minimises the time required for manually adding data to spreadsheets and searching for details from the chaos.
  • It collects precious data from customers and provides a concise insight into their habits and past interactions. As a result, you can present a better personalised experience.
  • You can provide personalised offers and goodies to retain clients and boost sales with useful customer data.
  • A CRM software can be amalgamated with other marketing tools, and an orderly marketing strategy can be developed.

Reasons to use Microsoft dynamics 365 as a CRM tool

  • It is a comprehensive platform

So many CRM software are available, but Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers various intelligent business applications.

As a result, you can conduct your whole business and deliver efficient AI-driven outcomes.

However, if Microsoft Dynamics 365 is not used to its full capability, it is not worthy. Hence, it is essential to hire a proficient Dynamics 365 Partner in UAE.

  • It offers granular protection

With Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can set security at multiple levels like

  • With Role-based security, you can allow or deny access to certain entities.
  • Record-based security allows access or rejects it for specific records from units, teams, or users.
  • The field-level security gives control of which users can see certain fields, always protecting your data.

In addition to above mentioned securities, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) can provide additional security for user login verification.

  • Modular pricing plans

Microsoft has developed a fantastic pricing range for Dynamics 365 to go ahead of the fierce competition.

It offers Enterprise Edition for companies having more than 250 users, and Business Edition Plan aims towards mid-market companies having less than 250 users.

Furthermore, if you own a small business, Microsoft Dynamics 365 has sorted that too. You can purchase required application modules rather than full plans.

However, if you cannot work out which plan suits you or your business, hire a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner in UAE.

  • Perfect synchronisation with other Microsoft tools

Dynamics 365 perfectly synchronises with other Microsoft tools like teams, outlook, and office. It can be integrated with

  • Excel to import and export data
  • Word affiliation to create documents
  • Outlook integration for email communication
  • Teams integration allows you to use CRM in your daily workspace.

Moreover, any future Microsoft application will also work with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

  • It is a flexible platform

High flexibility is one of the key features of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, and it can manage any business relationship.

Moreover, it can be tailored to fit your business needs instead of adjusting your business according to them.

You can easily remove and add fields according to your business relevancy, edit terminology to fit your correspondence and make the software easy to understand for your employees.

  • A future-proof platform

Another crucial feature of Microsoft Dynamics 365 is its scalability and investment. As it is used by small, medium, and also by global enterprises, it is a long-lasting platform.

Moreover, it continually invests in updates and roadmap so you can gain more from regular innovation.

  • Integration beyond Microsoft tools

Microsoft Dynamics 365 uses Dataverse to manage its data. It provides a common data model so that third-party applications can be integrated.

In addition, because of the standardised schema integration, manipulation, and surfacing of data have become simple.

  • A power platform

Another application built on Dataverse is Power Platform. It gives more power to end users and super users with cost-efficient and time-efficient development.

You can establish power applications and automation with Microsoft Dynamics 365 to capacitate simplified workflows. However, you can hire a power platform partner to conduct efficient amalgamation of the Microsoft power platform and Dynamics 365.

  • Strong reporting

As Microsoft Dynamics 365 can be integrated with Excel and Power BI, it has strong reporting abilities. It has dashboards, reports, and charts that you can build, customise, and automate.

However, the ‘advanced find’ feature allows you to gain deeper insight into analytics.

It also enables users to create views, reports, and charts to examine data that can be shared with individuals or teams.

Making the most of the reporting data and adjusting your strategies accordingly requires skills that can be offered by renowned Microsoft Dynamics Partners in UAE.

  • Robust security

Businesses have sensitive and confidential data, which requires a good measure of security. Microsoft being one of the largest companies globally, ensures to provide robust security.

They regularly invest in enhancing the security of all their software and applications. As a result, you can elevate the security features of Dynamics 365.

  • Easily organise and line up your services

You would not want to forget amid all business work the scheduled client calls. Microsoft Dynamics 365 ensures that you never let your clients down.

It offers a centralised and all-in-one view of clients’ requests and calendars.


CRM has become a fundamental part of every business and if you have not yet given it a serious thought, hire a Microsoft Dynamics partner in UAE. They can make your journey to provide the best to the clients more efficient.

In addition, Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers numerous features for both CRM and ERP to take your business one step closer to success.

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