Why you should prefer wood flowers wedding decor!

It’s no secret that flowers are an essential part of any wedding, but are fresh flowers the only option?

Flowers are everywhere at a wedding, from the bridal bouquet, table centerpieces and boutonnieres to corsages, boutonnieres, and even wedding cake décor. In addition to this, there are so many creative floral creations for anything from flower petals down the aisle to the floral wall and floral headband for brides and bridesmaids.

Fresh flowers are gorgeous, elegant, and beautiful that simply transforms a wedding event into a mesmerizing fairyland. But sola wood flowers have emerged as new wedding flowers. These are the flowers made of the bark of balsa tree wood or Tapioca plant, and their unique features have given these blooms a prominent place in the wedding flower industry.You can enhance your summer and winter weddings with peonies or sunflowers, thanks to Sola Wood Flowers, as they give you the best of both worlds.

 Here are the top 5 benefits of wooden blooms that make these a perfect option for a wood flower wedding:

Outdoor weddings in the summer season are tough on fresh flowers as they quickly wilt and die because of harsh sun rays. Similarly, a beach wedding in the summer to take beautiful photographs throughout the day, avoid using fresh flowers. As soon as they are exposed to the scorching summer sun, even the hardiest of flowers will begin to lose their freshness. Even before you exchange vows, the damp sea air will cause your bouquet and decorations to wilt.

As long as you choose sola flowers, you won’t have to worry about whether or not your bouquet will appear fresh and vibrant for the photos. As a result, you’ll have no worries but beautiful flowers not only for the rest of the day but for years to come. These flowers will look beautiful without having to employ a professional preserver for your wooden bridal bouquet is an added bonus.

  • Sola wood flowers prevent pollen allergies!

A wedding ceremony surrounded by flowers is a dream come true for those who love flowers. But for allergy sufferers, forgetting their antihistamines is a nightmare. Wedding guests and even the couple who suffer from pollen allergies may be unable to be part of a wedding decorated with fresh flowers because they are allergic to pollen.

Of, hypoallergenic course flowers might be an option. Still, sola wood flowers give you a carefree environment full of beautiful and colorful (sola wood) blooms that is completely safe for allergic individuals.

  • You can have out of season flowers!

There is no better alternative than wooden bridal bouquets when it comes to sustainability and avoiding the importation of flowers that are not in season. When it comes to not paying extra for quality flowers that are hard to come by, wooden flowers are a perfect choice.


A number of factors make wooden blooms ideal for wood flowers wedding. In any case, has the opinion that these three reasons are enough to convince you that sola wood flowers are an excellent substitute for you. Real flowers might be expensive, but artificial flowers can be just as beautiful and endure for a long time.

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