Why You Need To Choose Aluminum Bottles In Your Business?

Is your company consuming hundreds of plastic water bottles every day, only to throw them away in the nearest landfill? You may be concerned about the environmental effects of these products, but bottled water is so easy to use at festivals, restaurants, and marathons that it is difficult to resist. Bottled water is also more sanitary and keeps the water at your event fresh.

Businesses are now more open to the notion of employing reusable and ecological products instead of throwaway plastic ones. Water bottles appear to be a standard item for any restaurant, cafe, bar, or sporting event, as these establishments often require portable drinks.

For one thing, plastic bottles account for a significant amount of solid waste, with up to 80% of plastic bottles being discarded, with over 60 million bottles going through the incinerator every day. Instead of using other plastic in the ocean, switch to aluminum bottles to prevent extra plastic from entering landfills.

Reasons to Use Aluminum Bottles in Your Business

You might want to explore using aluminum water bottles for your business or event instead of plastic water bottles. Aluminum bottles are recognized as recyclable, sustainable, and customizable as plastic bottles, but without the environmental impact of plastic trash manufacturing and disposal.

Here are the five common reasons to use aluminum water bottles in your business, event, or restaurant.

1. Aluminum bottles are long-lasting

Glass bottles, like aluminum bottles, are alternatives to plastic bottles. However, with glass, even a minor impact can fracture the substance. This is not the case with aluminum bottles, as the flexible metal can still contain liquids even after being dented.

Aluminum bottles are tough because they can take most blows, melt as easily as plastic bottles, and be frozen for ice-cold water. Aluminum, unlike plastic, does not leach toxic chemicals and may be used for both hot and cold liquids.

2. Aluminum is non-hazardous to the environment

Because Aluminum is recyclable, it does not pollute landfills, making it a more environmentally responsible option than plastic water bottles or fragile glass bottles. Aluminum does not disintegrate easily, but people can reuse it as long as the bottle’s shape is preserved.

Recycling Aluminum is also environmentally benign, requiring only 5% of the energy needed to mine raw minerals. This means that recycled Aluminum is better for the environment and is also less expensive to produce than raw Aluminum.

3. Aluminum bottles can be customized

Are you concerned about the appearance of aluminum bottles in comparison to plastic bottles? Aluminum bottles are just as customizable as plastic bottles, and they may simply be imprinted with your company or event logo to improve brand awareness.

Consumers derive from companies that use sustainable materials in their products and advertisements; therefore, incorporating eco-friendly materials in branding is important for sustainable business operations. According to 77 percent of corporate leaders, Associating their businesses with sustainability enhances sales and brand loyalty among customers.


Aluminum bottles are a recyclable, environmentally friendly material ideal for keeping neutral beverages such as water since it keeps the water fresh without releasing hazardous chemicals as plastic bottles do. While most people believe that they can recycle plastic, the truth is that only a few types of plastic are classed as recyclable.

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