Why Use a Secure Video Hosting Service?

Video hosting platforms are the riders of the film industry. Many people run their businesses over it. For some people, it is the only source of income. 

To secure video hosting from piracy is the sole aim of every creator. Nowadays, people lose most of their revenue due to piracy. Therefore, every creator takes measures to protect their videos from being stolen.  

A creator must always choose a platform that provides secure video hosting and allows to retain ownership of content. With the advancement in technologies, many hosting platforms offer extra security features. Creators can manage and control their content from disturbance and piracy on such platforms. 

Key features to secure content over hosting platforms:

Each video hosting platform is different and does not provide the same security measures. Some hosting platforms are easy to use, while others follow a cumbersome process. 

Video content is the only commodity for the creators, and video security is their primary task. They may require many features to secure content. These measures are explained below in detail.

  • Video DRM protection:

Video DRM stands for digital rights management. It is a protection technology creators, and businesses use to secure and control video from being shared over hosting platforms. 

Video DRM ensures that the video content is stored in an encrypted form which is not easily readable. It allows authorised users to play it all back. Using a secure video hosting service will grant you video DRM protection. 

Once you apply for DRM protection, only authorised users can access and view the videos. It encrypts the video to keep it private and protect it from hacking attacks.

  • Prevention from screen recording:

Many hackers record videos while a business is live-streaming. These hackers later publish them on different video hosting platforms. 

Creators must therefore use video hosting platforms that provide screen recording protection. Every platform should ensure that premium content remains safe from being recorded by third parties. Using a secure video hosting service avoids the recording of the screen, keeping the data and content safe and secure. 

  • Video watermarking:

Watermark is the mark fixed over the outlay of the video, which defines its author’s name from it. Thus, watermarking a video means it is the copyright of someone’s procession. 

The watermarked video has a logo or text over the content. Secure Video hosting services allow you to have a watermark, which will not be copyrighted and secure. 

  • Block concurrent login:

Concurrent login is where different users can log into the same domain simultaneously. It can also be the reason for the piracy of videos. To secure your content, you must block concurrent login from the settings. 

Every user can enable and disable the feature of concurrent login from the setting according to need. Secure video hosting service doesn’t let anyone log in with the same domain. It prevents videos from being pirated. 

  • Use of CDN:

CDN stands for customer delivery network. 

The basic function of video CDN is to reduce the distance between the server and the machine while accessing a video. Less distance and time can make the video hack-free.  Video hosting service ensures that the distance and time between the machine and service are less so that it cannot be hacked. 


Video hosting platforms have many benefits and flaws too. However, their advantages overcome their cons and secure a video from losing its productivity. The article above described some key features to help you secure your content from piracy and promote secure and faster communication.

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