Why Should You Use WordPress for Your Website?

You should consider choosing WordPress for your future website because it is the most widely used website publishing platform on the Internet. Due to its versatility and flexibility to work as the backbone for conventional blogs, eCommerce sites, and even static web pages, WordPress powers 39.5% of all websites on the Internet. You may utilize this platform without downloading any desktop software because it is operated online.

If you are still unconvinced, you should consider WordPress hosting first.

10 Reasons to Use WordPress for Your Website in 2022

Let’s examine the benefits of using WordPress to create your website.

1: It’s Open-Source and Free

You are free to download, use, and change open-source software to suit your needs. The fact that WordPress is free to start using is one of its most alluring features.

Anyone can download WordPress, install it, and create a website that fits their idea. This is especially important for entrepreneurs, bloggers, and anyone wanting to discover their online niche. 

2: You Can Pick a Web Host

Your website may be hosted with WordPress. This is a significant advantage for experienced users who don’t like the limitations of WordPress.com, which restrict site changes.

By picking your host, you also have the flexibility to switch providers and/or hosting packages as your site’s traffic and storage needs grow. While any hosting package will initially work, several big web servers have special packages for WordPress websites.

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If you opt for a quality WordPress host, check the following HostGator review, backed by expert opinion and thousands of user reviews.

3: WordPress Is SEO-Friendly

WordPress SEO is crucial for all websites. And WordPress’ SEO friendliness is one of the main benefits of using it. Connecting with effective SEO plugins is simple. Because of this, blogging has great potential. If you are familiar with some fundamental SEO concepts, you may develop your marketing prospects through blog authoring.

WordPress websites typically score better in Google search results than other websites. Google favors WordPress due to its technological functionality.

4: Great Support

Many online manuals, tutorials, and resources are available since so many people use WordPress worldwide. You may use WordPress forums to interact with others who utilize the most used CMS globally. 

In addition to those choices, you may also contact the WordPress support staff for assistance.

A premium WordPress subscription will provide you access to live chat assistance seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

5: Customizable Themes

Themes are simple one-click fixes that dramatically transform the appearance of your website. Additionally, they are personalizable, allowing you to set your selected theme apart from the zillions of other people who also enjoyed the design.

Many free themes are available, and a brand-new WordPress installation comes with a few standard options. WordPress also has a theme marketplace built directly into the content management system, and many web designers are willing to work with you to build a custom theme that meets your needs.

6: Speed-Optimized

Slow websites provide little purpose. WordPress is aware of this; thus, it provides tools and components that you may use to accelerate your website.

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You may, for instance, install a light theme to make your code more efficient, include a plugin to make your picture files smaller, or utilize options for enhanced caching, Gzip compression, and CSS and JS minification.

7: Excellent Safety

WordPress developers and plugin creator’s work together to ensure that WordPress websites are secure, WordPress places a high priority on security, as seen by the existence of a specialized security team. The team aims to strengthen the platform’s security and find and fix any security flaws early on before they cause an issue. In addition, developers contribute to security by developing different plugins for diverse security requirements.

8: Flexibility & Customization

WordPress may be as detailed and intricate or as basic as you choose. You can just publish blog entries using the platform’s most basic version. On the other hand, you could use it for your company website and incorporate plugins and widgets to increase functionality.

WordPress makes it possible to do almost whatever you want with your website. Again, you might have to set up a plugin or other third-party program for that to work, but it is still a possibility.

9: It’s Multilingual

WordPress is accessible worldwide, with over 160 languages supported globally. As a result, you’ll be able to build a website to reach a global audience.

It’s important to note that most WordPress users choose English, powering 71% of all blogs posted on the platform. Still, it’s comforting to know that WordPress makes it simple to use other languages if you wish to.

10: It’s Simple to Learn

It’s quite simple to start studying WordPress. Anyone can install and interact with the program because there aren’t many barriers to accessing it. You can familiarize yourself with the backend and learn where the buttons and settings are if you invest a good couple of hours researching it.

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Bottom Line

Globally, WordPress has a significant user base. Some developers would like to utilize other platforms. However, that frequently requires advanced programming languages and implies more complex working conditions. 

WordPress is the best option for bloggers, company owners, customer developers, and eCommerce specialists. In addition to keeping full control over your website, you also get excellent benefits like plugins, themes, cost-free tools, and complete media support.

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