Why Should You Read Manga?‍

Do you ever feel like reading a good book? Maybe you don’t have the time to read one but would love to have access to books at a different time of day or at a different location. Reading manga is the answer to both these problems, and it’s never been easier to find and read manga than it is today! 

Reading manga can be an excellent way for adults and kids who love reading to access new stories that are only available in comic form. But why should you read the manga? Manga has many benefits beyond just being an excellent way to access new stories. Read on to learn more about this Japanese style of a graphic novel.

What is Manga?

Manga sometimes referred to as Japanese comics, is a type of literature that is created and read primarily in Japan. Manga stories are told in a series of panels, often accompanied by a few words of dialogue. The artwork varies widely, as some manga artists focus more on the visuals while others are more interested in the stories.

 While the majority of manga is aimed at young people, there are also many manga titles that are written for both children and adults. You may hear some people describe manga as anime, although the two terms are not the same. Anime is the Japanese word for animation and is used to describe both Japanese animated movies and Japanese animated series.

Benefits of Reading Manga

Reading has a lot of benefits itself. Reading Manga books is no different from reading other forms of literature although it has unique benefits such as those mentioned below.

  • Broaden Reading Options. Reading manga can broaden your reading options by offering a wide variety of stories that are only available in comic form. These comic books tackle a variety of subjects. What makes this different from western comic books is the themes of the stories.
  • Learning Empathy. Reading manga can help you connect with a particular genre or theme because you have a greater understanding of the culture and people behind it. When you read manga, you can get a better understanding of the people behind the stories and the themes they focus on. 
  • Discover different cultures. Reading manga can help you explore different cultures and backgrounds because different cultural groups and locations are often featured in the stories. You can learn about various cultures and places by reading manga. 
  • Awareness of Social Problems. Many manga titles will be based on familiar stories or ideas, offering an excellent way to expand your knowledge. Reading manga can help you learn about subjects you may be unfamiliar with, expanding your knowledge and understanding of the world around you. 
  • Easier to Socialize. Reading manga can help you stay connected with friends and family. You can easily keep in touch with friends and family through social media by reading manga together. 
  • Release Stress. Reading manga can help you de-stress. Since the manga is often a more creative form of storytelling, reading it can help you release stress and let go of your daily worries.
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Famous Manga Demographics

Manga has hundreds of demographics which is a vital part of manga creation. Demographics create a scope and limitation for mangakas in creating their work. Although its main purpose is to recommend books to certain age groups and gender it is not followed by readers most times.

  1. Shounen Manga. This is the most famous demographic of manga. Prominent anime series such as My Hero Academia and One Piece are examples of this demographic. This often contains storytelling packed with action and adventure. Most Stories found on Shounen aim to inspire readers to fight every obstacle they go through in life. The age range of this is 12-year-old to 18-year-old boys.
  2. Shoujo Manga. This demographic is famous for having female protagonists. It focuses more on growth, romance, high school, and fantasy. An example of this is Sailor Moon and Strobe Edge which are major manga hits and never forgotten classics. The age range of this is 12-year-old to 18-year-old girls.
  3. Seinen Manga. This demographic fits individuals from ages 18-year-old to 40-year-old men. The storyline focuses on the obstacles and hardships that young adult men face in their daily life. It also centers on taboo topics and how the protagonist fights them. A famous example of this manga demographic is Tokyo Ghoul.
  4. Yaoi Manga. This mangaowl demographic focuses on boy’s love or also known as homosexual relationships. It tackles how BL relationships work and what makes them similar to male and female relationships. Famous examples of this are Sotsugyousei and Given.
  5. Yuri Manga. This is the opposite of Yaoi Manga, this demographic focus on Girls Love or GL. It represents lesbian relationships and how it works. Homosexual relationships are taboo for a long time which makes this type of manga book interesting to most readers.
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Where to read Manga?

Manga can be read in books and online. Thousands of manga sites are currently available online. Although given this you still need to be careful on accessing manga sites. Some Manga Sites only aim to infect your device with malicious software. Thankfully Mangago is here!

Mangago is an online manga site where users can read Japanese graphic novels for free. It has millions of manga books available on the site. Comic books are categorized according to the genre. The site has hundreds of mangakas which mean users have a wide variety of selection. The manga you can find on Mangago is up to date. You can also download the chapter on your device. Mangago doesn’t require its users to subscribe or create an account. It can guarantee that the site is safe from malware. Your personal information such as credit cards is safe from identity thieves.

If you are having issues with the site such as how to fix mangago simply check if it is available in your country and if it is not simply use a VPN and change your location. This may be quite a hassle but it is definitely a site worth the try. Aside from it being free, It has a massive archive of manga available.


Manga has many benefits beyond just being an excellent way to access new stories that are only available in comic form. Reading manga can help you expand your knowledge by reading about different cultures and places featured in the stories. It can also be a fun and creative way to spend your free time as you relax or de-stress after a long day. If you wanna start reading manga access Mangago right away!

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