Why Should You Pay Attention to Customer Feedback on Your Company?

Today’s fast-paced world focuses on customer experience via convenient feedback mechanisms. These practices help the companies understand the customer’s needs sufficiently and design personalized services and products for a particular group of consumers. In this article, we will explore how customer feedback is the essential key to a business’s growth and revenue.

Customer satisfaction survey

Customer satisfaction surveys contain a set of questionnaires to measure customers’ views on a particular product, service, customer support, or overall experience with a brand. Typically, these surveys deliver customer experience reports by using various systems like customer effort score and net promoter score.

  • Customer’s opinion: These surveys are a potent way to collect customer opinion that reflects brand image among consumers. Also, getting customer feedback allows a company to obtain actionable information for designing efficient sales, branding, and marketing strategies.
  • Rating system: An effective survey is simple and easy to use. Most popular techniques, such as the NPS (Net Promoter Score) ask customers to rate their experience on a scale from 0 to 10.

Why is customer feedback significant for your company?

When it comes to improving customer experience, there is no instrument like direct customer feedback. A myriad of benefits makes the customer satisfaction survey a prudent method to augment customer experience. Here are some pointers as to why customer feedback matters so much.

#1. First-hand insights from customers:

Customer feedback is a direct way to monitor customers’ feelings about their experience with the brand. This strategy can provide valuable insights which otherwise would not have been discovered. These insights tell you how the company’s employees communicated with the consumer and with what efficiency level.

#2. Identify shortcomings and improve:

Survey results indicate what is working and what isn’t. If you want an upgrade to your customer care or focus on branding, it becomes essential to allocate resources appropriately. Knowing where you need work and resource investment will save time and money in the long run.

A survey at Yotpo showed that 37% of consumers think that it takes five or more purchases to feel loyalty to a brand.

#3. Customer loyalty:

According to a study by American Express, buyers will spend 17% more on a brand that has good customer service.

Happy customers are loyal customers. Getting customer feedback and responding to them indicates that the company cares about its consumers. This practice builds trust among the customer base, which results in returning customers and recurring revenue. Moreover, the customers feel emotionally connected to the brand as they feel heard and understood.

#4. Engagement with customers to build a meaningful relationship

It may be easy to fire off an email or type out a ranting review, but things become more complicated when there is a real person on the other side. In-depth customer feedback online helps build a meaningful relationship. The human element in the conversation ensures the presence of an individual who cares about what the customer has to say.

Responding to customer feedback online

Here is a straightforward guideline you can use to effectively respond to feedback on social media platforms or in-general over-the-phone conversations.

  • Acknowledge: Whether you agree or not, it is required to understand the situation from the customer’s perspective.
  • Use customer’s name to address: As a rule of thumb, use the customer’s name when you respond to build a more personal connection with the person on the other side.
  • Relevance: Refrain from using generic responses as much as possible. Recognize unique details of the particular situation instead of using ready-made response templates.
  • Keep it professional: While dealing with unhappy customers, do not entangle into the spiral of emotions by taking comments personally. Instead, keep everything professional.
  • Keep it short and simple: Do not go into every detail and keep your response focused on solving the problem.

Wrapping up

Customer feedback is a crucial factor for the growth of a brand in the digital era. To improve customer experience, building customer closed-loop feedback is imperative. Through customer feedback, survey companies obtain information about the customer’s feelings and thought processes which can help make customized products and design specific assistance techniques. Now it is up to you to turn your customer feedback into a growth mechanism for your business. Prepare survey queries with the right questions tested time and again. Focus on the type of information you want from the customer, and you will show a flux of important information at your disposal in little to no time.

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