Why Should Every CEO Use Social Media And Build A Following?

A CEO is the company’s representative, and the public persona plays a significant role in making an organization a brand. Most top executives avoid social media because they think it’s unnecessary. Moreover, many believe it’s not good to expose their personal lives. According to the stats, around 68% of CEO don’t use social networks.

In recent times, Mark Zuckerberg has been the only CEO with a presence on all social media platforms. The main aim of the chief executive officer is to communicate the company’s policy and represent its vision. So, it’s only possible if you have a strong fan following and listen to your opinions. 

Why should every CEO be active on social media?

The Social CEO report of CEO.com 2015 revealed that 61% of CEOs of the top 500 companies are absent from social media. Apart from this, only 70% of the total CEOs are active on LinkedIn. We can’t deny the reality that social media has an immense role in all fields of life. Anyone can take the help of social media platforms to share thoughts and opinions. In addition, CEOs can use these platforms to access reports of a company’s performance. Here are the following reasons why every CEO should be active on social media: 

Helps to create stronger connection: 

The main aim of social media presence is to develop strong relationships. Apart from this, it’s vital for the face of the company. So, even if the leadership isn’t sharing a lot, they still make a significant impact. If the social media profile of the CEO is visible, then your audience can see there is a person with genuine feelings behind the company. According to the stats, 43% of executives feel more inspired because their CEO is on the platform. But if we compare it with others, 26% of executives don’t feel inspired because their CEOs aren’t on the social platform. So, you can create a connection by using social media platforms as it impacts the brand. 

It gives a competitive edge: 

“Around 93% of consumers believe the CEO engagement on social media helps in communicating company values in a better way.”

Social media provides a platform that you can use to share thoughts and create connections. Based on the stats, 73% of CEOs say social media gives them a chance to speak with their employees. So, it means that employees, stakeholders, investors, and customers can directly share their thoughts with people who have the power to change the policy. Transparency is crucial in business, and openness is the primary ingredient for success. However, 77% of companies prefer doing business with CEOs who are on social media. Thus, social media presence creates a competitive edge that brings more business. 

Turn CEOs into leaders: 

A leader has more worth than a CEO. A true leader leads with an example and inspires people. But if you want to achieve all this, then you need a platform that you can use to attract people. So, social media can work as an ally to engage employees and customers. CEOs who are on social media sites have the following competitive edges over others: 

  • Social media CEOs have better communication skills 
  • Decision-making skills are good 
  • They can influence people 
  • Empower others 
  • Social media helps in networking 

As per stats, 81% of employees feel happy working for a CEO who engages with people on social media sites. Thus, you can use your voice to impact others, and eventually, it will introduce you as a leader. 

Helps in branding: 

Branding is one of the critical responsibilities of Chief executive officers. It was a tough job in the past, but now social media has made everything easy. For instance, more people will know about your brand and personality if you have more fan following on social sites. The research proves that people give more attention when they feel personally connected with the product or service. However, if you are on social media, it will help build a personal connection that will convert into sales and more business. 

Get more social media followers:

You can enjoy these benefits with more followers on social media accounts. Gaining followers, likes and comments is a time taking task. Apart from this, there are many tips and tricks that you can use to increase followers organically.

But if you don’t have time to gain followers organically, then go for the PAID ways. Yes, you can buy followers, likes, and comments. Many top-notch platforms like “Instant Famous” provide high-quality followers at a reasonable price. Moreover, you can even request customized packages to grab the immense opportunities and business deals. 

Note: Every business has different goals, and social media is a great idea to help turn your dreams into reality. You only need a head start, and it’s possible if you can implement the above tips. 

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