Why Is learning English So important?

Knowledge of languages ​​is power. Most parents instill in their children the secrets of English, German, and other foreign languages ​​to get a good profession in the future. Accessible communication with foreigners opens many doors and makes life easier, more enjoyable, and more prosperous. Find more on

Today, almost all children study English in schools. Some toddlers start their education in kindergarten to know the essential words and phrases in elementary school. The borders of our country opened to the west long ago, and English became the number one language. Most high school students take the entrance exam, so English courses for students are on the initial list.

English is considered the universal language. It is most commonly used in the member states of the European Union. 47% of residents of all member states speak English as an official or secondary language. The second most popular language is German, which is spoken by only 33% of EU citizens. While English proficiency varies from country to country, it is safe to assume that you will be able to communicate using English wherever you go.

Why Is learning English So important?

Wide access to content

By knowing English, you will be able to read many iconic literary works in the original language. You also have complete access to:

  • different types of manuals,
  • unique publications,
  • textbooks in various fields.

You can grow faster in the industries you are interested in using knowledge on the Internet. There are many valuable lessons in English. Knowing this allows you to stay ahead of others in your search for new information.

More opportunities in the labor market

Learning foreign languages ​​is essential if you want to get a well-paid job. Therefore, learning English is very important. Most employers require knowledge of this language. As the expert of the language school reminds, in many positions, it is necessary to contact foreign contractors, clients and colleagues, and even with members of the board.

Not surprisingly, it is the English language courses that are most popular, despite the significant increase in interest in learning French and even Japanese. Knowing essential English words makes it easier to start learning additional West Germanic languages ​​and more.

Where to start?

First of all, to learn English faster, you must have contact with the language. Movies, games, and books in English are only a limited version of communication. The solution is language schools, where English for kids courses allow you to continue learning the language even after graduating from high school. Language schools also have offers for young people and adults who have never known a foreign language. However, the most important thing is that you have to constantly repeat vocabulary and grammar and not stop even when you think you are using it at an advanced level.

How to get your child interested

Children don’t like to learn. But what can I say – not every adult gets to school with great enthusiasm. How, then, to organize teaching English for children so that they enthusiastically learn a new language.

Find English courses for kids – let the teacher motivate you

Children’s English courses are conducted only by experienced teachers who know how to work with children and learn how to interest them in new knowledge. It is important to note that the lessons are held in a particular format – children at them:

  • play;
  • sing songs;
  • memorize poetry together;
  • guess riddles;
  • read interesting, instructive stories.

But since all the described entertainment is in English, students unconsciously memorize new words and whole grammatical constructions. Effectively learning English for children does not at all mean passing tests for “A.” In English courses, children immediately immerse themselves in a new language environment and remember the second language as their own.

English for kids

Children will quickly fall in love with English if it becomes part of the game.

Other children who will study with them in the courses can also motivate children to learn a foreign language. Toddlers can enthusiastically repeat one after another or compete for certain rewards that the teacher comes up with. All this helps them to gain knowledge without much effort.

Show the practical benefits of knowing English

Of course, lessons with a teacher alone will not help make English an everyday matter or a vital necessity for children. Therefore, the task of parents is to introduce the language into the daily routine:

Use English to keep secrets and hide secrets from others who do not understand it – on the street, in line, at a party. This can be your kind of spy game that boys will especially like.

Allocate a separate room at home in which you can communicate only in English. For example, it may be a bathtub, or an “English” room may constantly be “moving.”

Tell your child a story that very soon you are going to travel to a country where people do not understand his native language. And to get to know them and settle in a beautiful hotel and eat delicious food in a cafe, you need to know a foreign language. Then devote time to rehearsals for the trip: you play a waiter and child orders.

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