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Why Do Brazilians Seek to Study Abroad?

Do you know why Brazilians seek to exchange abroad? Well, there are many reasons that go far beyond the economic difficulties and other recurring problems in our country. In 2017 alone, the number of fellow countrymen who decided to study in Waly abroad increased by 50% compared to previous years. The advantages of those who make this type of decision are clear, both for personal and professional issues.

To prove this, in this post we separate some really cool tips to show you how studying abroad can be an amazing life experience, as well as being an excellent booster of your professional career. Want to understand better and know the main advantages? Continue reading below and be amazed!

Friendlier destinations make it easier for Brazilians to adapt

If the dollar and the euro are so expensive, why do Brazilians seek to study abroad anyway? If you’ve ever asked yourself this question, you should probably consider the United States and European countries as the only options for study programs, right?

The fact is that, currently, these study destinations are not the best choices in terms of “costs”, due to the high value of their coins. But it’s no reason to give up. Australia and New Zealand, for example, have extraordinary advantages for Brazilians who intend to join an international educational institution. Check out some reasons.

Weather and beaches

Can you imagine being able to leave Brazil to study and, at the same time, not have to adapt to the difference in climates? In addition, being close to the beach is another great advantage for Brazilians who don’t miss a weekend in the sun.

These are some of the reasons that make Oceania a popular destination for Brazilians looking to study abroad without having to worry about time adaptations.

Currency closest to the Brazilian real

While the US dollar and the euro increasingly discourage any traveler from boarding a plane, the Australian dollar and the New Zealand dollar appeal to those who intend to pack their bags and discover their main cities.

Today, the currencies of these two Oceanian countries are quoted in a range between R$2.60 to R$2.90. The Euro, for example, reaches almost twice that value. Pretty heavy, don’t you think?

Studying abroad is an unparalleled life experience

An exchange program allows the student a unique opportunity to meet people from other corners of the world within the classroom, as well as share knowledge, experience new customs, flavors, cultures, among other experiences.

Through this type of trip, young people can live with local families and experience the day-to-day experiences of the house, the neighborhood, the neighborhood, the city and so on. Can you imagine such an adventure?

An exchange program allows you to experience a quality of life superior to that of Brazil

Even in the best Brazilian cities, the quality of life is not comparable to that of developed countries. One of the reasons why more Brazilians seek to exchange abroad is related to access to quality public services.

In these destinations, you can count on an excellent quality education, health, transport and security system, not to mention the cultural and sports activities, which are usually very well promoted in these places.

Coming back with a degree and an international qualification will help boost your career

Do you know what recruiters look at and consider most on your resume? Training and professional experiences. Now imagine if both requirements are fulfilled with names of educational institutions and positions of international companies?

It’s a sure point in your favor when it comes to competing for the best job openings. An exchange abroad promotes a very high weight in their professional qualifications and the recognition of this, by the companies, is notorious.

The chances of working abroad are much higher for those who study abroad

Exchange programs allow you to boost your curriculum and increase your chances of working not only when you return to Brazil, but also in the international market as a whole.

After all, in the country chosen to carry out the program, you will have the opportunity to get to know the companies and the main vacancies available in the cities, in addition to building a great network with other students from there and also from other countries who will share the same classroom. that you.

The exchange program works to learn and develop language skills

One more reason why Brazilians seek to exchange abroad. Those who study and live abroad are practically obliged to speak the language of the country. Constant contact with the local language allows the student to learn or develop fluency.

You will improve your pronunciation and understanding of words and terms, as well as knowing local expressions and slang. Undoubtedly, it will increase your vocabulary even more.

You will become independent during this period

Having your parents by your side in times of trouble is good, but there always comes a time when you have to fend for yourself, do you agree? When you are in a distant country, with other customs, other traditions and another language, you have nowhere to run.

You have to find a way, on your own, to solve problems on your own. But nothing to face it with fear. It is the opportunity to develop your personal side and your skills. It’s time to show your independence.

These are some of the reasons why Brazilians seek to exchange abroad. If you were in doubt about how important these programs are for your personal and professional development, now we clarify everything.

Don’t think twice when deciding which path to take in your studies. Pack your backpack and embark on one of the best experiences of your life.

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