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Why Develop a Mobile Application for Your Business?

In the age of digital and mobile browsing, many companies are asking themselves the question of developing a mobile application to increase their notoriety. At the same time, an application can represent real added value for the business of the company. Let’s take a look at why and how to create a mobile application for your business.

What is a mobile application?

Unlike the mobile version of the website, which can be viewed from a browser, the mobile application is like software that is installed on the smartphone. When your customers have installed your application, they will be able to access it directly thanks to an icon on the menu of their phone. 

These two media are not incompatible. Having a mobile version of your website does not prevent you from offering a mobile application. This can indeed provide additional services and demonstrate real utility

for your business.

What will an application do for me?

You strengthen the links with your target 

When the user voluntarily installs your application on his smartphone, he is already showing commitment to your company. In addition, you can send them notifications, making it easier to communicate and get their attention.

You facilitate access to your content 

With one click, the mobile user can access your services, products, and content. No more searching in browsers. 

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You increase your visibility 

The mobile applications are listed on the stores according to your choices: Apple Store and Google Play. In addition, the Google search engine also references mobile applications, which represents an additional advantage for increasing their visibility.

You improve the image of your company 

The mobile application is a way to differentiate yourself from your competitors; it will give the image of an innovative company. You demonstrate that your services evolve with your customers by adapting to their lifestyles. 

You collect valuable information about your customers 

On an application, you can more easily obtain information about the profiles, preferences, and behaviors of your customers. This data helps you to personalize better the content of your application as well as your communication.

I already have a mobile site; what more will I get? 

An app is not a copy of your mobile site. Instead, it is a full-fledged channel offering an enhanced experience through simplified navigation, a clean design, and additional features. First of all, it allows you to exploit all the possibilities of the smartphone. Indeed, it is optimized for the operating system of the device on which it is installed. This makes it possible to offer a more qualitative user experience.

Note that it is also possible to design an application accessible offline. This ensures access to the content of the app even when the network is absent or of poor quality.

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On the other hand, unlike a mobile site, an application gives the possibility of sending push notifications. These are notifications appearing on the locked phone screen and signaled by a sound or vibration. By clicking on it, the user directly opens the application.

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The notifications of the mobile application allow creating more proximity with the user. They are considered to be a very effective marketing lever because they guarantee a higher rate of exposure to messages.

In addition, they have an average click rate of around 40% for the best messages, while an email-only offers a rate of 1 to 4% on average.

The application also makes it possible to provide better services, thanks to many features such as geolocation, the camera, contactless payment, or even biometric recognition. For example, the application can send a notification to let the user know that they are passing near a point of sale. For a decoration sign, the user can use augmented reality from his device to see the rendering of an article in his interior. The same goes for a make-up brand or an optician, for which it becomes possible to try the products before buying them virtually.

The application, therefore, offers many additional possibilities compared to the mobile version of a website. The experience delivered to users is significantly improved, making it possible to engage, convert and retain them over the long term.

To be able to send notifications to a user, you must first obtain their consent. On the other hand, it is important to send relevant and personalized notifications. Otherwise, the user might get bored, disable their receipt or even uninstall the application. 2020

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