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Why Are Train Apps a Must for Travellers in India?

In India, the majority of passengers choose to travel by train over any other mode of transportation. But why do so many Indians like to travel by train? It’s not just because train trips are practical and cost-effective; there’s also an undeniable appeal to the experience. 

Managing and booking train tickets in India has always been a bit of a challenge. However, you need not be concerned about it anymore. Thanks to the incredibly useful railway enquiry apps that have made the entire process hassle-free and simple. Even if you’re not that sound in using technology, you can operate them effortlessly owing to their intuitive design. 

If you’re planning a trip to India by train, use railway enquiry tools on the top-notch RailMitra app. From checking PNR status and train schedule to placing food in train bookings, this app presents multiple train-related resources at your fingertips.

Reasons Why Train Apps Are a Must for Travelling

As technology advances, every industry looks for new ways to communicate with customers. People are searching for the most helpful applications available for their mobile devices in the hopes of making their lives easier. There are a few excellent apps provided by Indian Railways that give you access to information such as your PNR status, the availability of seats, and train routes, among other things. 

Simply placing the app into your smartphone will help you obtain all the necessary data. Here’s what you can expect from online rail enquiry platforms:

  • Up-to-date and accurate information is always available to passengers thanks to their AI-enabled interface. You can depend on RailMitra’s tools whether you need to check your PNR, look up a train time, or inquire about fares.
  • They provide precise details about trains, such as arrival and departure times, coach information, platform number, total stop time, the number of stops along the route, and station codes.
  • The user interfaces of these apps are among the best you’ll experience. You can quickly find information about any rail services on the rail apps. You can instantly access the most precise information, allowing you to devote more time to prepare for your trip and less time querying for trains.
  • Some rail apps have joined hands with authorised e-catering partners to provide customers with quality food in train service. RailMitra’s network of more than 2,000 restaurants across India provides patrons dining options at more than 450 stations.
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Top Rail Enquiry Tools to Ease Your Train Travel 

Collecting all relevant railway information is critical for ensuring a smooth train trip. There are umpteen resources to monitor the live train position, berth availability, train timetable, ticket confirmation status, waitlist ticket position, etc. You can get reliable train data with the help of these tools, which will greatly simplify your trip planning and execution.

Below is a compilation of top rail enquiry tools that will improve the quality of your train journey:

Seat Availability: Passengers no longer queue to check train seat availability. An Indian Railways enquiry app is a one-stop solution for planning your train trip and avoiding last-minute hassle. To see if there are any empty train seats, you need to download the app, navigate to the Seat Availability icon, and enter the train number, boarding & deboarding location, travel date, and class. After submitting the data, train options and seats will be displayed.

IRCTC Train Schedule: Travellers can save time and effort by being prepared and aware of the train schedule in advance. Using the rail app, you can check the IRCTC train timetable from your home on your mobile device. Using the Train Schedule tool, you can find out when and where your train will arrive and depart from and what platform it will be at.

To find the train timetable, go to the Train Schedule menu in the app and enter the train information into the corresponding box. After completion, the train timetable will be displayed.

Live Train Running Status: Do you recall when you had to inquire with your passengers about any potential train stoppages? However, this problem has been well-tackled now with the latest technology. You can monitor the most recent position of your train with an IRCTC-approved train app. A train’s existing and anticipated stops can be viewed in real-time using Live Train Running Status tools. 

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The GPS functionality of train apps is fantastic for staying informed on the go. Railway apps provide train location information via the NTES.

Fare Information: Do you want to go on a long trip but don’t know how much the train ticket will cost? Stop worrying! To get up-to-date pricing information before purchasing a ticket, you can use Indian Railways’ online fare enquiry tool. Getting train fare information is as easy as pulling out your phone, visiting the app’s Fare Enquiry tool section, and inputting your train name/number and destination. You can plan your train journey budget by comparing the prices of different train classes.

Food on the Train: A trip without delicious food is not worthwhile when travelling by train. Why then rely on expired pantry car food in the modern era? Tools designed for train use bring delicious, nutritious meals right to your seat. Use the RailMitra’s exceptional food delivery on train service. You can opt for any food to your liking from an array of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, and even avail of a special discount as a new customer. 

Additionally, RailMitra’s e-catering partner, Railrestro, allows passengers to order food while travelling. Its app is designed specifically for eating while riding the rails, presenting passengers with a wide variety of dining options.

Train Station Details: Upon arrival, passengers struggle to locate waiting areas, restrooms, retiring rooms, or water vending areas. In this chaotic environment, finding a willing ear or shoulder to lean on for support cannot be easy. A train enquiry app can provide details about a station, such as the availability of restrooms, changing rooms, retiring rooms, platforms, and other services. 

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For the benefit of their users, train enquiry apps also reveal useful information like the station code and the nearest railway station, airport and metro station. There are a lot of rail apps that claim to give you up-to-date train information, but RailMitra is the best one.

Thanks to the recent innovations in the Indian railway services, travellers can skip the process of reaching train stations and wait in line for assistance at particular enquiry counters. You can now plan your trips with greater ease due to the accessibility of train information online. 

So, why delay any longer? Download and use the RailMitra app’s fantastic resources to organise your train journey. The app offers real-time information on trains running between two stations, PNR status, seat availability, etc.

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