Where to buy disposable vapes in the UK

Vape as an effective and efficient alternative to combustible cigarette has won countless consumers’ trust and preferences. What’s more, disposable vape as the most convenient and simple vape device in the vape market has been popular among vapers and become most novice vapers’ first choice. Well, the UK is always a vape-friendly country but there are still placing strict regulations and laws on vape products. Therefore here comes our topic – how to get UK vape? And where to buy disposable vapes in the UK?

Bricks and mortar – Buy disposable vapes from a local vape shop

Having a dedicated vape shop near you would be rather lucky, which means you can not only buy vape products in an easy and fast way but also conveniently get basic and useful vaping tips and advice from experts at the local vape shop. Besides, you can try different types of vapes and e-liquids, and then you can decide what kind of vape suits you best, and that is the highlight spot of buying vapes at a bricks-and-mortar vape shop. However, the price of vape products would be higher at a local vape shop because of high overheads. Some petrol stations may display some disposable vapes at the front desk for sale, well if you drive a lot and encounter many petrol stations, it must be not strange for you to see some Elf Bars lying on the shelf at a petrol station. Of course, you can also find some disposable vapes at some Newsstands, booths, or any other convenience stores.

Buy disposable vape from an online vape shop

In this very special period, I mean during the years of epidemic COVID-19 that now we are in, buying disposable vapes from an online vape shop in the UK is the best and safest option. Without the rent expense and lower overheads, an online vape shop offers a much more competitive and favourable price for all the vape products compared to a local bricks-and-mortar vape shop. What’s more, you can also get intimate and professional service at an online vape shop. The professional customer service would help you pick up a vape kit that suits you best, and if you feel confused, you are free to ask for help from the customer service anytime, and you will get assistance quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, online vape shops provide a wide range of different vape kits and e-liquids as well. For novice vapers, you can choose beginner pod vape kits or just disposable vapes, and Geek bar as one of the top disposable brands in the UK is a great choice for beginners; For experienced vapers, there are pod mod vape kits and mod vape kits that can bring MTL and DTL vaping styles. There are also different types of e-liquids that come in hundreds of flavours, whether you are a sweet teeth or a mint lover, whether you are an MTL vaper or a DTL vaper, a UK online vape shop gets you covered. Last but not least, purchasing vapes online means you do not have to go out, you will just need to stay at home and wait for the delivery, safe and convenient.

Pros and Cons

Offline vape shop


You can try different types of vape devices or flavours of e-liqiuds conveniently;

You can get promt help from the clerk;

You can get what you want really quick if the shop is near you;


A local vape shop may be far away from you;

The price may be higher;

You may be exposed to COVID-19;

You may not get professional assistance;

Online vape shop


You can pick your desired vape kit and e-liqiud from a large selection;

You can get prompt and professional assistance from online customer service;

You can get the same quality vape products at a much more favourable price;

You do not have to risk going out for purchasing vapes;


You are not likely to try the vapes in an online vape shop;


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