Where Can I Find XUR Today in Destiny 2?

Where Can I Find XUR Today in Destiny 2?

The Xur guide is one of the best guides out there for players to use. I have seen many players go through the game and not know where to go next or which quests to do. This guide will help point you in the right direction and even teach you some strategies. Where is Xur today in Destiny 2? Here is a breakdown of what you need to do to find the best XP and what you should be doing to maximize your leveling as a character.

The first thing that you need to do is head over to the Iron Arsenal. This is the new story area in the game. You will notice two quest givers by the train station and a couple of vendor locations. Speak with the people by the front and inside of the station to start the quests. These quests are helpful, so do not just go for the easiest one since you will most likely repeat them and get a vapid pursuit warzone cheats.

Level-up Skills

Go down the southernmost exit, go up, and then go left. This will lead you to a quest called The Lost. The objective of this quest is to find the artifact known as The Lost. Once you have found this object, there will be a cut scene, and you will be given a cryptic line of dialogue. At this point, you will need to get all your skills to level up as quickly as possible, or you will just be wasting time.

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The next quest that you should do in Destiny 2 is called The Fist of Crota. This is the first demanding boss you will encounter in the game. You will want to prepare yourself for a fight as you go on this mission. When you talk to Crota, you will need to raise your combat skill to at least rank five or end up as an easy target.


The next mission that you can do in Destiny 2 is called Ironclad. In this mission, you will get the goal of collecting Iron armor parts to repair your ship. There is also another objective that you will get through this mission, which is to kill the Ironclad guardian. When you talk with the Ironclad guardian, you will need to raise your stealth skill to at least rank three, or else you will get spotted. If you want to complete this mission quickly, then you should look for any Ironclad crates on your way to the destination area.

In this mission, you will get the objective of defending the last resort against waves of enemy soldiers. When you are approaching the area, a group of enemy soldiers will suddenly appear from the water. You can quickly complete this mission by using the Ghost maneuver and quickly getting inside the enemies’ sight range. Once inside, you have to stay there and take out all the troops one by one. Once you successfully defend the Last Resort, the objective will be completed.

This set up like an action puzzle. In this mission, you will have to put together the puzzle pieces to open up a gate that leads to a control room where you can speak with the Emperor. Once you have done so, the mission will end, and you will get your reward, the Iron Armor.

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How to find Xur Today

These were some of the missions you can do in Destiny 2 to get your exuberant power buff. The tasks are not very hard and are designed to make you experience the leveling-up experience as quickly as possible. If you want to know where I can find Xur today, you should try these two quests. Another quest called Flash office is not too difficult and will give you the same results as before. So start your leveling up today to defeat enemies and reach your goal to be the most powerful Warlock in the game.

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