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What’s Next for New World?

New World has a lot in store for their community in the coming months. What should players expect in the following season?  

New World’s Spring Update has already gone live, and the MMO’s loyal community is making the most out of it. With the new blunderbuss weapon and the latest Heart of Madness update, the game offers new content for farming New World gold. With so much going on for the game right now, some players are anxiously waiting for the next batch of new content to go live in the world of Aeternum.  

The Current Season 

The current major update showcases multiple new features, which have been teased since last December. AGS has outlined its upcoming updates in batches separated into the Spring, Summer, and Autumn Seasons. The Spring update has already been patched in as early as March, and New World accounts have already experienced what the game offers.  

The Heart of Madness is the main highlight of the current phase of the game. The update focuses on the continuation of the game’s storyline involving Isabella. The expedition “Tempest’s Heart” is the main feature that develops this aspect of this season.  

Aside from the highlight of this major update, the MMO also introduces a new weapon to the game’s growing arsenal. The most recent offensive item is the Blunderbuss. The firearm can wreak havoc from close-range to mid-range using its explosive power.  

The Spring Update also features a new PvP content for battle-hungry players. The season patch shows a brand new 3v3 Team Battle. Aside from the new PvP mode, the rewards track for the player-to-player scene will also receive some improvements.  

Summer Season 

A new set of patches will quickly follow the Spring Update. Players should expect a new expedition called Barnacles & Black Powder, which will feature a pirate theme. This new PvE level 60 content will be the main highlight of this update. 

The next batch of significant patches will also feature a new quality of life improvement that many gamers have waited for. New World will finally introduce a party-finder system that will allow players to queue up with random people for expeditions. This feature will allow adventurers to experience PvE content without spending too much time looking for a party to join.  

Aside from these new contents, gamers should also expect a new time-limited event coming to Aeternum. Though there are no specific details yet as to what these festivities will showcase, many have speculated that they will be somewhat similar to the Winter Convergence Festival last December. The event will most probably feature a summer theme.  

Autumn Season 

The third phase will also introduce tons of new content that players should look forward to. This season’s update is the busiest of the three seasons. Unlike the first two, Autumn will be more PvP-oriented. 

The bulk of the updates in the Autumn phase will revolve heavily around the new territory, Brimstone Sand Territory. A new location means new quests involving a storyline related to the new region. The Brimstone Sand region is most likely a desert-filled environment, which will be the game’s first barren region. Once the zone is patched in the game, the Territory Wars for this region will also be available right away. 

One of this phase’s main highlights is introducing a new weapon, the Greatsword. This offensive item has been teased as far as December of 2021. Many players thought that the bladed armament would be released a few months after the release of the Blunderbuss, so gamers would be happy once this new armament goes live. 

Another expedition will also be introduced during this season. The Ennead Expedition will be the third one this year, so gamers will have time to experience every last bit of content. There is no further information about this expedition, so players will have to wait till AGS releases more details about it.  

The game will also be introducing two new festivals during this season. The Nightvale Hallow event would most likely feature a Halloween theme, while the Turkulon Event will be based on Thanksgiving. Players hope that these festivities will be unique as the Winter Convergence Festival.  

This year is jampacked full of new content for the world of Aeternum. There will be tons of new features for farming New World gold, so players should be more excited about future updates. With more weapons, expeditions, and areas, gamers will be busy in the coming months.  

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