What to Know Before Moving to Ontario

Moving to Ontario is a thrilling idea for many, but some aren’t sure what it would look like.  Although it’s an incredibly popular area to live in, with the most populated city in Canada, there’s a lot people need to know before joining those numbers.

The Cost of Living

Ontario can be expensive if you decide to live in a city.  Otherwise: it’s surprisingly affordable.  Housing in Toronto and Ottawa can be shocking, with prices only 25% cheaper than much larger NYC, but living in a cultural hub is worth it.

If you decide to live outside of the city, housing prices can drop in half, and buying property is far more affordable. Or you can also find a roommate in Toronto and cut the rent by half. Unfortunately, Ontario is currently in a sellers’ market, which inflates prices, and homes are more scarce. Still, if you do your research, you’ll be able to find the perfect property within your budget.

The Fantastic Diversity

Toronto has been voted the most diverse city on Earth, and a lot of that is because Ontario is incredibly diverse.  Home to the nation’s capital, Ontario is open to people who immigrate to the city and offers a chance for anyone to start their life over.

This can be exciting to those who worry about not fitting in, especially since over 50% of the people in Toronto also moved from outside of the country.  It’s easier to fit in when nobody does.

Entertainment and Art

There’s a large amount of entertainment and art throughout this province.  The countless art galleries, statues, exhibits, and pop-up art shows would surprise anyone.  

These are denser in Toronto, which has been touted as the city with the most artists in all of Canada, even outdoing the competitive cities on the west coast. So if you want to feel inspired and take in the creativity of those around you, Ontario is an incredible place to move.

The Deep History

With Ottawa calling Ontario home, it shouldn’t surprise that the province is deep in history.  Ontario has more museums and art galleries than any other province in the country and works to ensure that they are well maintained and funded.  This ensures that those who visit have the opportunity to learn about the area and the nation and that the changes and struggles that have happened here aren’t forgotten.

There’s a large focus on learning about the history and lives of the indigenous people who first called this area home: and a lot of respect is paid to their losses as the land became Canada.

Winter isn’t so Scary.

When many people move to Ontario, their largest concern tends to be the Winter weather.  Although the winters can be harsh, there’s no need to avoid looking at real estate in Toronto!  In the winter, this province comes to life.

You can enjoy everything from skating on a frozen-over dam or enjoying a treat of ice taffy (made of warmed maple syrup poured on clean snow).  This season may get cold, but people don’t stay inside away from it. Instead, it becomes one of the most fun times of the year.

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