What to do with Old Moving Boxes

What to do with Old Moving Boxes

Do you have moving boxes lying around after your last move? Instead of just throwing them away, moving services recommend getting creative with them. Here are six different ways to repurpose moving boxes. 

8 Ways to Repurpose Old Moving Boxes

1. Keep the Boxes for Future Moves

The easiest course of action is to disassemble your old moving boxes and put them away for your next relocation! Flattened boxes won’t take up much storage space, and their potential for use is worth holding onto. Keep the best and cleanest cardboard boxes for your next move and you won’t have to spend time (or money) on finding free boxes or buying replacements.

Store them somewhere dry and out of the sun. To prevent dust and pests like roaches, spiders, and termites from getting into your boxes, wrap them in large plastic bags. Heavy-duty trash bags work well for this.

2. Donate or Sell the Boxes

If you don’t plan on moving any time soon, consider donating or selling your moving boxes. You can give them away on websites and apps like OfferUp, Craigslist, or Freecycle.

There are also quite a few moving companies that will take your moving boxes off your hands – give them a call and ask if they’re interested.

3. Use the Boxes for Storage

Some of your belongings will require temporary or permanent storage when you’re done unloading. You’ll find that having a ton of sturdy cardboard boxes to store the things you don’t need immediate access to is a convenience you’ll appreciate.

Pick the boxes that have suffered the least damage during the most recent move since those are the most durable (and therefore most reliable) long-term storage. Pack the boxes with your belongings, re-label them, and then move them to your new home’s storage space (such as a walk-in closet, garage, attic, or basement).

4. Recycle

When considering what to do with moving boxes after the move, your options don’t stop at keep, sell, or give away; you can also choose to put an end to the life cycle of your cardboard boxes by recycling them.

The recycle option should only be used for severely damaged containers that have no further practical use. After unpacking, call your moving company to see if they have recycling programs. If so, you may schedule a pickup of your used moving boxes and other packing materials for reuse or recycling.

5. Keep the Boxes for Entertainment and Play

Cardboard boxes are also excellent for entertainment and play. If you have young kids at home, they will definitely enjoy crawling through tunnels and forts made from moving boxes!

You can also use moving boxes to create a makeshift playhouse for your kids or grandkids. Use duct tape to put some boxes together; you’ll have a playhouse in no time!

6. Use Boxes for Crafting

Consider using boxes for your crafting projects. You can make all sorts of things with moving boxes, such as wall art, lamps, vases, and even jewelry boxes. All you need is a little creativity and some basic DIY skills! Start by exploring the functional capabilities of cardboard as a material— small storage, dividing space, etc. You can also use cardboard as a material for creating decorations that will add to the style of your home!

Moving Services Can Remove Boxes for You

Once you start Moving Service, you’ll be surprised at all the different ways you can repurpose moving boxes into something new and unique. Of course, you always have the option of hiring a moving company to remove your old moving boxes for you. Many moving companies will offer to pack and move your boxes if you’re moving long-distance. And if you’re moving locally, some moving companies will pick up your boxes after you’re done unpacking.

If you decide to hire a moving company to remove your boxes, be sure to ask about their recycling policies. Many moving companies have programs in place to recycle moving boxes and other packing materials.

Check out local moving services to help you with your box removal needs, from local and long-distance moves to packing and unpacking services and box removal. Make sure to look for discounts and specials, and ask about current deals that can save you money!

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