What to do in Brisbane? Check out 8 unmissable tips!

There is only one problem for those who intend to study and live in Australia: deciding which city to go to. Really! The country is so fascinating and there are so many exchange programs that it is difficult to choose the coolest destination to spend this unforgettable period. However, to help you with this dilemma, we have separated some unmissable tips on what to do in Brisbane.

This city is the third largest in Australia and the only one to have a subtropical climate in the country. Issues such as safety, health, employment opportunities and quality of life are some of the strengths there. However, when it comes to entertainment, Brisbane stands out for the multitude of options on offer.

So, are you interested in this subject? We are going to point out 8 tips that are mandatory to help you enjoy the city even more during your study in Brisbane. Keep reading and be surprised!

1. Stroll along the South Bank

This is the best place to take that late afternoon or morning ride, during the weekend. One of the most touristy (and beautiful) spots in the city, the South Bank neighborhood is charming, both for its beauty and the variety of things to do.

The region is on the edge of the Brisbane River and has a very nice artificial beach, where people usually sunbathe and exchange ideas. In addition, a huge Ferris wheel completes the scene for perfect photos.

If the idea is to take a tour with a more cultural footprint, South Bank is also the ideal place. The GOMA (Gallery of Modern Art) museums and the Queensland Art Gallery share spaces with theaters, performances and other activities that take place there. A more than complete tour!

2. Visit Kangaroo Cliff Point

The second tip about what to do in Brisbane is dedicated to those who love nature and adventure. Leaving the South Bank, following the river, you will arrive at the incredible Kangaroo Cliff Point. There, you can ride a bike or kick around just to catch a glimpse of the landscape.

By the way, if you’re looking for a dash of adrenaline, get ready! It is possible to rappel or climb the rocky walls and also rent a kayak to navigate the river. In addition, those who enjoy a walk can climb to the top of the canyon via a staircase and enjoy the view. Without a doubt, this is the best view in the region!

3. Enjoy a night out at Eagle Street Pier

If you are into enjoying a busy night out, you can start calling Brisbane your new home. Life never stops there! There are many options for bars and clubs, but nothing compares to Eagle Street Pier.

The region is also called the River Side and is one of the most popular in the city. An excellent choice to make new friends or take a walk with new exchange friends. It is right by the river and has activities for all tastes and pockets. There are bars, pubs, restaurants and cafes. Unmissable!

4. Go to Lone Park Koala Sanctuary

Going to Australia and not falling in love with its unique fauna in the world is practically impossible. Lone Park Koala Sanctuary is a kind of zoo, but instead of just admiring the animals from afar, in some cases, you can interact with them.

That’s right! It is possible to get close, touch, take a picture, feed, caress. The only thing missing was being able to take one home and name it! A tip is to go during the week, because on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays it is usually crowded.

5. Climb or rappel down the Story Bridge

Have you noticed that when someone asks what to do in Brisbane, the first answer will always be “adventure”? To reinforce this, another impressive tip is climbing or abseiling across the iconic Story Bridge, a huge bridge that connects the two sides of the city.

You can choose to go up during sunrise or sunset. Both views are incredible and the descent can still be done by abseiling. So, do you have the courage?

6. Enjoy Moreton Bay and Noth Stradbroke (Stradde) islands

Brisbane is close to true tropical paradises, with incredible views of the power of nature, and a tour of the region’s islands is a must for anyone moving to the city.

Straddie is more urban and easier to get to. For those who prefer more quiet and almost deserted places, the request is to visit Moreton Bay. Both are fantastic and beautiful! Ideal to venture through the huge dunes of white sand and a beautiful salt water bath.

7. Hop on the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast

Speaking of the beach, you can’t miss these two wonders of the Australian coast. South of Brisbane is the famous Gold Coast, a favorite city for surfers.

To the north, the Sunshine Coast also has beaches with good waves, as well as options like Mooloolaba, frequented by families looking for calmer waters. Both are close to the city and are perfect for a complete weekend with friends or partners.

8. Enjoy a day in the West End

To appreciate the multicultural side of Brisbane, you need to know the West End neighborhood and one of its many restaurants, bars, pubs, clubs and cafes. On Saturdays, there is a super cool open-air fair at Nelson Park, also in the neighborhood.

Finally, if you want to take a tour to get to know the Aboriginal culture and other curiosities, it is interesting to look for the people of Brisbane Greeters, a volunteer work of local guides who introduce the place without charging a penny! Too much, isn’t it?Those were our tips on what to do in Brisbane, Australia. Rest assured that this list is very small compared to what you will find there. The city is perfect for those who want to combine free time for fun and studies and work in one of the most incredible countries in the world. Find an education agency, pack your bags and have a good adventure!

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