What Makes the Data Insight Useful for Action?

A comprehensive understanding of information analysis on a specific topic for a person or organization is a very important factor for any company’s growth. Meanwhile, this is known as data insights,’ and organizations can make better judgments thanks to this in-depth insight than they would otherwise.

You may optimize your business using insights to understand it better and make decisions on data analysis. And an example of data insights might be that customers often establish accounts on your company’s website after 5 minutes.

Read on if you are interested in knowing what makes a helpful data insight.

Actionable Insight

Data analytics and big data use the phrase “actionable insight” to refer to information that provides enough insight into the future to make the appropriate course of action evident to decision-makers. In other words, it is an analytics result that gives enough data for managers and organizations to make an informed decision. It is frequently the outcome of intensive data analytics and other data processing.

The attributes listed below should be considered when determining whether or not your obtained insight is actionable.

#1 Relevance

A single dataset can yield a variety of insights. Meanwhile, if the individual insights are irrelevant to the issue you are attempting to solve, the information you have learned is meaningless. So to produce successful actionable insights, it is essential to choose measures relevant to your company’s position.

#2 Context

Before data analysis can signify anything, there must be some baseline data to comprehend how the present state of affairs compares to your current data. And understanding the historical context of the data you are examining is crucial when searching for insights you must put into practice. What range of values for a particular measure would be regarded as “normal”? When does a piece of information become worrisome? You can more effectively respond to these queries by putting your data into context.

#3 Specificity

Complete and thorough insights are more likely to be actionable, and real actionable insights are focused and well-considered. As you work to persuade managers, stakeholders, and colleagues that the insight you’ve gained can make a difference, greater clarity will carry more weight. In the meantime, the data insight must be detailed enough to explain what happened and why.

#4 Clarity

Clarity goes beyond specificity to make an insight stand out from the crowd. And establishing an actionable insight will be greatly helped by the generation of highly particular, thorough facts. 

To get others on the same page, you must be able to explain this insight in a simple way. And for people you are presenting to, explicit language and data visualization will aid in providing clarity and reduce suspicion regarding your actionable proposal.

#5 Alignment

An insight must pass the alignment test even if it complies with the abovementioned requirements. Does your insight support the objectives of your business? For example, insights based on your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) will inevitably align with your business strategy, yet pertinent measurements aren’t just KPIs. Moreover, you are making data insights appropriate for your business and brand that will make individuals around you more passionate about and able to relate to the information gleaned from the data.

Gaining additional knowledge from your data can benefit your business greatly. And using these five criteria, you can evaluate how “actionable” the information you get from your analytics and business intelligence solutions is. As such, the more closely the insights match these characteristics, whether from humans or algorithms, the more helpful they will be for your company.

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