What Is the Pleiades Neo Satellite Constellation?

High-resolution satellite imagery is incredibly useful in a variety of contexts. If you’re looking for the best high-resolution satellite imagery on the market, you may end up gravitating toward Pleiades Neo satellite images. These images are uniquely high-quality, incredibly easily available, and offer snapshots of almost any location in the world. If you want to know more about the Pleiades Neo satellite constellation, here are some of the most important things to know about it.

Four Different Satellites

First off, the Pleiades Neo satellite constellation is made up of four different satellites. These satellites are made to be on the same orbit, spaced 90 degrees from each other. That means the satellites are always moving around and always observing. Plus, they move in tandem with each other, allowing for a wide variety of satellite images from the satellite itself.

Two Satellites Currently in Orbit

Currently, only two satellites are in orbit from the Pleiades Neo constellation. Neo 3 launched on April 29, 2021; Neo 4 launched on August 17. Neo 5 and Neo 6 are both scheduled to launch sometime in 2022. Once all of the satellites are up in orbit, they’ll be able to collect up to two million square kilometers of imagery per day. Currently, that amount is cut in half, as only two of the satellites are in orbit.

Extremely High-Resolution Imaging

One of the things that people use the Pleiades Neo satellite constellation for is its incredibly high-resolution imaging. The imaging that the Pleiades Neo satellite constellation takes are 30-cm panchromatic images, and that means you’ll be able to see things incredibly close. You can even see cars and people if you zoom in a little bit. The resolution on these images is extremely high, and that means you’ll be able to get significantly more information than if you had low-resolution images.

Images Available Regularly

When all four Pleiades Neo satellites are up in orbit, the satellites will be able to capture every location twice daily. That means you can get up-to-date images from the Pleiades Neo satellites, and you can see how things change from day to day. This consistency of changing images means that the Pleiades Neo satellites are incredibly good at providing images that show you when and how things change. This is something that people using these images for environmental investigation can require, making it incredibly helpful for these individuals.


With four extremely high-tech satellites, two of which are currently in space orbiting the Earth, the Pleiades Neo satellite constellation is truly an expert work of art in a variety of ways. There are many different reasons that you might want to get high-resolution satellite imagery, but no matter what you’re planning to use the images for, the Pleiades Neo satellite constellation is a great choice. With the Pleiades Neo satellite constellation, you get access to regularly-updated 30-cm resolution images from just about anywhere on the planet, which is the perfect option for people who are looking for high-resolution imagery.

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