Everything You Need to Know About Social Security

Social security is the retirement program for Americans updated every year, so, if you are a US citizen or intend to relocate to the US, you need to frequently check for updated data and retirement requirements. One of the criteria that do not change, in fact, are necessary to ensure social security is having an income from work and contributing to taxes. Then, if you don’t have a source of income yet, get ready to guarantee a means of legal financial gain, so you can use social security.

Work is a necessary requirement to secure social security because many Americans turn to government assistance after a layoff or a long period without finding a job. Whether this is the case for you or not, it is necessary to know how to manage your finances, because the risk of unemployment is real for all workers and the government takes a few days or months to approve the application for financial aid.

In this article, we will discuss, in more details, how social security works and how American and foreign citizens can access benefits. We will also explain the requirements necessary to guarantee your social security and your obligations under the United States retirement program. So, pay attention to our tips and try to apply the information from the topics below in your life.

What is social security?

As discussed at the beginning of the article, social security is a retirement program created by the United States. It is a right that covers all American or foreign families who are in the country legally. Social security is a way of guaranteeing the well-being of people who have contributed with taxes and need help, because they are going through a moment of family loss or loss of the family’s main source of income.

Who is entitled to social security?

All US citizens or foreigners who have a proven and legal source of income with the US government. In addition to having a steady job, you also need to pay taxes, so, if your income statement is missing or any other type of government contribution is missing, your social security financial aid application runs the risk of not being accepted until your situation is legalized. In addition to workers, the elderly are also entitled to social security, because it is also a retirement program.

Many countries make the difference between retirement and government financial aid, but, in the United States, there is only one program for all of these cases. In the case of the death of heads of families who provide food and well-being, family members are entitled to the benefit of social security. There are also cases of serious injury in the workplace, people who have lost a limb or had a major physical or psychological trauma can apply for the benefit.

I’m not American

If you are not an American, the correct thing would be to ask for your social security during your process of moving to the United States. Many people do this by going to the American consulate that is based in their home country. It’s a safe way to have social security and not get in trouble with the US government.

On the contrary, if you already live in the USA and didn’t make your social security application before entering the country, then keep all your documents of stay in the country legal; you can send a copy of them through the social security website that can be found at the government website.

In this article, we addressed the main requirements of social security and who is entitled to benefits. If you have any further questions about the US government’s retirement and financial aid program, you can stay up to date on the US government website, it is a reliable source of information for citizens and foreigners.

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