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What is SEO Specialist and how does it help your sales increase?

An SEO Specialist is a person who has expertise in SEO or Search Engine Optimization. It is the science of optimizing a website to rank well on Search Engines like Google, usually hoping to get on the first page 1-3 because it will help increase traffic or visitors. see more websites

If you already have a business website Are you wondering why you didn’t get on the first page of Google? because in this era No one does business online without making a website. Usually, each business wants their website on the first page, top position in keywords related to products or services. Of course, I would like my website to be on the first page of Google when people search for that. “Receiving cargo to Sydney” or “shipping Thai China”, etc.

Why an SEO professional can help your website get on the first page of Google?

For a website to be on the first page of each keyword, there are many factors such as internal factors. related to coding Website layout, image, content, title, and more, including external factors. Whether other sites Include a credit link to our website. This will help Google find our site useful. As for the important internal factors, let’s take a look.

Content on the website must contain relevant keywords.

The website structure must be organized because Google will let bots run into the website. to collect data and learn about your website If the website structure or coding structure is messed up, the Google bot will feel that this website is difficult to read and not friendly.

The website design must be easy to read. Google will see that when people visit the website. How long will it take to stay on that page? Or come in and load for a long time, Google will see it as a website with no quality.

In order for us to get a website on the first page of Google, we need an SEO Specialist or SEO specialist to check the website first to see if there is anything good at the moment and what needs to be improved both in terms of internal factors and external factors.

An SEO expert will help you adjust one point at a time. To ensure that your website quality in the eyes of Google will follow the principles of SEO. The result of continuous SEO will help DA or Domain Autority , which is a measure of website quality. And the performance in Google page by this DA is better.

Should You Hire an SEO Specialist?

We recommend you do a digital marketing agency Analysis first to get a picture of where the company’s strengths are right now. What are the weaknesses? and with the resources available in the company Is it enough to do SEO by yourself? (Learn how to do SWOT from the article What is SWOT Analysis? )

If you have basic knowledge, you can try SEO yourself, but we HardcoreCEO think that it may be a waste of time to do other things that are more beneficial to the business. May cause more harm than good because Google’s algorithm changes almost every day. Today’s SEO techniques may not work tomorrow

But if we hire an SEO Specialist to take care of them, these people will update trends and new algorithms from Google all the time, with continuous SEO techniques. And it complies with the rules of Google.

How can doing SEO help increase sales?

What do we want these days, what problems do we need to ask Google? If your business can help meet the problems that customers have. What are the potential opportunities for your website to be listed on Google?

Especially the problems that everyone encounters, such as wanting to get rid of rats in the house. If you sell mouse repellants or service to get rid of rodents and insects and your website on the first page when people search for “How to get rid of rats” or “rat removal services in Bangkok”, which if people search with these Keywords 8,000 times per month, 5,000 people click into the website. With a 2% buy conversion rate, this means that each month you have the opportunity to close up to 100 orders.

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