What Is Rashifal- All That You Should Know

Rashifal is a term that is widely used while discussing astrology. But what does it mean exactly? In simple words, Rashifal is the horoscope or the prediction made according to the placement of the planets, about how a person’s daily life would be. It is widely used by people nowadays to live better lives, as the Rashifal can help you better prepare for day-to-day activities. Moreover, you can now know your Rashifal through calculators that you can find online.

In this article, we will be discussing the influence of Rashifal on the planets and its significance. 

How do the planets relate to Rashifal?

In astrology, different planets signify different aspects that can affect your Rashifal. Here, we have mentioned how the planets relate to the Rashifal of a person.

    1. Mercury – this planet symbolizes an analytical mind. It deals with logical qualities and the capacity to do mental calculations. Additionally, it is known as the messenger of God, thus, indicating communication capabilities. 
    2. Venus – this planet symbolizes appreciation for beauty and love. It is representative mainly of all females in a male’s life like wife, sister, mother, etc. In addition to this, Venus also indicates the financial aspect of the person.
    3. Mars – this planet is a symbol of strength, boldness, and aggression. It represents the courage and confidence to face any hurdle in life. Also, mars indicate the qualities of people who are vigilant and quick on their feet.
    4. Jupiter – this planet in Rashifal, represents wisdom or intelligence. It is an indication of a teacher-like quality in a person, especially a husband. 
  • Saturn – This is considered a slow planet. It provides you with a kind of feedback for all your past deeds and karma. Additionally, it also represents the patience of a person.
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Significance of studying one’s Rashifal

There are many advantages to knowing your Rashifal. Some of the main benefits are mentioned below. 

  1. Knowing your Rashifal can give you information about your true self, meaning your character and personality. It can also reveal to you, your preferences and things that you do not like.
  2. Rashifal can also aid in predicting your future or your fate to steer you in the correct direction.
  3. It can help you discover how likely you are to be compatible with people around you, and your spouse. 
  4. Rashifal can enable you to have cordial and harmonious relationships with everyone in your family and workplace.
  5. Most importantly, Rashifal can predict your day will go, so that you can mentally prepare for it.

These are some of the benefits you can derive from knowing your Rashifal. It can not only make your days easier but also help you be ready for the things you might have to face on that day. However, to find your Rashifal you must first know your Rashi or sun sign

What does your Rashi mean according to your birth date?

  • Aries – you are able to think clearly and make proper decisions on your own. However, you are also prone to being a little impulsive at times.
  • Taurus – your Rashi suggests that you are a happy, easy-going person in general but can sometimes become restless.
  • Geminin – According to your Rashi, you have a great appreciation of beauty and creativity. You are also fond of gaining more knowledge.
  • Cancer – You are probably the most fortunate of all. You have a very pleasing personality and no shortage of wealth. You can be extremely sensitive to things at times.
  • Leo – you can usually be a bit aggressive and fiery in your approach. You enjoy being in command and often feel proud of yourself.
  • Virgo – You are generally soft-spoken and down to earth according to your Rashifal. You have great self-esteem but can have a conservative mind.
  • Libra – You are considered to have a friendly, ambitious personality. Also, you have an appreciation of art and like spending money on it.
  • Scorpio – You tend to be straightforward and obstinate in your approach. According to your Rashi, you have an open mind and a caring nature.
  • Sagittarius – You have an intellectual mind and enjoy learning about art and literature. Your Rashifal suggests that you are great at communication and are open-minded.
  • Capricorn – You are clever and good at making strategic decisions. Also, you have an appreciation for nature.
  • Aquarius – you are blessed with good looks and a pure mind. Your Rashi suggests that you have great bodily features that make you look young and attractive.
  • Pisces – you are an adventurous person by nature and are fond of spirituality and religion.
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As you can see, Rashi is a great way of getting an understanding of your character, ideas, personality, and it has many benefits that can help you live a fuller life.

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