What Is Nativedropboxagent Android app?

The Native dropbox agent is a pre-installed software such as a security log agent on Android, which is an undesirable program that might cause numerous issues to your phone. The app’s purpose is to connect with backend activities that most users are unaware of. It may also lead to data and battery drainage. You can follow the steps below to remove this program from your phone.

If you’re having an issue with this program, then our experts will address it. It’s a pre-installed software for Android devices that has a native Dropbox agent on your smartphone. Dropbox is a cloud storage software, but the native dropbox agent on your device is not affiliated or connected to Dropbox.

What Is Nativedropboxagent Android app? 

However, it is a genuine app that is helpful and can cause significant problems for your Android. The distinction between DropBox and Native DropBox Agent applications is clear.

Both are useful in a variety of ways, but Dropbox provides extra features to work with other applications. Furthermore, sharing important papers in the form of sharing is essential. Native dropbox agents may damage your Android’s other programs, while non-Dropbox apps can’t be used together. This software is beneficial to those who know how it works.

Common Problems With Native Dropbox Agent

The NativeDropBoxAgent app can slow down your Android phone over time. What the app does specifically is not clear, but it’s likely that it causes some damage to your device.

  • It may use irrelevant data to affect the way your phone battery charges.
  • It might take up more of your internet.
  • Your device might shut down when you are using it
  • And other apps might not work too well on your phone.

NativeDropBoxAgent is an app that can cause a lot of problems on Android devices. It can be difficult to know what these problems are, so it’s important to keep an eye on any changes that occur to your device and use a reliable antivirus program.

How To Stop NativeDropBoxAgent Android App?

There are various methods to stop the NativeDropBoxAgent Android app from running on your device. But here is straightforward solution to get rid of it.

Force Stop

When you abruptly terminate an app, the Android will issue a warning alerting you that the action might disrupt your important documents. This is a minor problem, but you may fix it by doing these simple things;

On your smartphone, open the Menu. Then open Settings. After that, tap on App Management. Now find the NativeDropBoxAgent app and tap on it to force stop.

How To Remove NativeDropBoxAgent App?

Like most of the system apps,  the NativeDropBoxAgent cannot be uninstalled. The only way to uninstall this app is by rooting your phone, which we do not recommend.

An easier and safer solution is to disable the app so that it can’t run in the background and cause any problems. To disable the app, follow these steps;

On your phone, open the Menu. Then open Settings. After that, tap on App Management. Now find the NativeDropBoxAgent app and tap on it to disable.

Warning: We do not recommend rooting your phone as it can void your warranty and might cause more problems than it solves.


I hope now you understand what is NativeDropBoxAgent and how to remove it from your phone. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comment section below. Our experts will be happy to help you. Stay tuned for more such informative articles.

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