What is included in Symantec Endpoint Protection?

What is included in Symantec Endpoint Protection?

What is included in Symantec Endpoint Protection? Symantec Endpoint Protection consists of five components: Symantec Application Guard, Symantec Antivirus Guard, Symantec Content Guard, and Symantec Enterprise Manager. Symantec Application Guard is an internet security application that guards against malicious attacks on your PC from various sources on the internet. This internet security application guards against multiple threats, including phishing, virus, keylogger, spyware, and malware. Additionally, this application safeguards against the various threats to your system, including unauthorized access to employee files, confidential data, system restore, system data, and other security threats. The security application has an integrated firewall as well as content filtering and security of web pages.

What is included in Symantec Endpoint Protection?

Professional malware removal

The suite also includes professional malware removal, including signature-based anti-malware applications and phishing protection. Moreover, the application controls security against web exploits and hacking attempts through the utilization of deception technology. Deception technology enables hackers to hide their actions or activities behind an act of average website browsing or downloading of documents. Symantec Endpoint Protection can help prevent these web attacks by blocking malicious websites and installing additional security options on the endpoints.

Application control panel

The application control panel of Symantec Endpoint Security allows you to view and change various settings of your endpoints, such as port groups, authentication modes, access control levels, and so forth. You can also view the security policies of the endpoints and can configure policies for all endpoints. The management console gives you an easy way to manage your Symantec Endpoint Protection environment. It lets you open various ports and creates different virtual environments.

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Symantec’s deception technology

Symantec’s deception technology can block requests from unauthorized websites that have been previously detected on the endpoints. In the case of denial of service, a request from an unauthorized website will be automatically blocked. This functionality is beneficial when you need to implement measures aimed at protecting the business from hackers. The application control panel can quickly turn any business computer into a secure machine that allows attackers to gain access.

IT administrators

Many IT administrators have already benefited from Symantec’s award-winning enterprise malware security suite because of its excellent capability to detect and remove malware. The Symantec Endpoint Protection can see and remove the following malware types: Trojan horses, backdoor applications, keyloggers, and so forth. You can determine which ones to dismiss based on the programs that have been installed on your computer. Each of the mentioned applications can give access to another person’s system. Once installed, they will continue to be spread around your network by using network exploits. Symantec’s comprehensive threat removal tool will get rid of these types of threats.

Best online firewall

When you are looking for the best online firewall, and you want to find one capable of blocking the most threats, you need to make sure that it also includes real-time threat detection through a real-time update module. It would help if you also got an IP monitoring tool with Symantec Endpoint Protection so that you can instantly see the datasheet of all network traffic. The software should also be equipped with a centralized email monitoring feature that can send spam emails that will be blocked. This way, you can prevent various spyware infections that are sent to your private email boxes.

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Internet security software

The other thing that you need to look for in this internet security software is its threat dictionary. Each program installed on your computer should be scanned for different types of threats. A complete definition of each threat should be provided so that you can install the right kind of threat dictionary. Another feature of Symantec Endpoint Protection is providing the most updated information about the most malicious malware threats on the internet. These threats should be monitored regularly so that they cannot cause more damage to your system. The software should also allow you to automatically update the definitions of the installed applications and web pages so that they can be protected from the most recent threats.


There is a lot that you should learn about Symantec Endpoint Protection. Aside from being a convenient internet security suite, this internet firewall also has many other features that you might find helpful. It provides the most comprehensive protection against spyware and malware threats. It allows for secure email access to work productively without worrying about their emails being read by other users. If you want the best firewall protection, then you should get Symantec Endpoint Protection.

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