Accumulator Bet

What Is An Accumulator Bet?

Accumulator bets are one of the most common bet types in sports betting. Despite its popularity, many bettors, especially newbies, find it hard to understand how this bet type works. We explore the accumulator bet, its types, how to calculate, and more.

What is an Accumulator?

An accumulator bet combines numerous selections into a single bet. These could be a combination of two, three, four, and more selections. For the wager to win, all of the picks must be correct. 

This bet type offers higher odds than wagering on single bets. This is because each of the wagers in your selection must be correct before you can call it a win. However, accumulators are riskier because you lose your entire wager if a single bet fails.

Bettors can place accumulators on different sports, including Tennis, football, and horse racing. However, several sportsbooks like Tonybet advise against combining bets from various sports because of the risk involved.

Types Of Accumulator Bets?

Technically, accumulator bets start from four selections and above. If there are two selections, it’s called a double, while three selections make a treble. Still, most sportsbooks include double and treble in their definition of an accumulator.

There are four-fold accumulators where you have four different selections. In the same vein, you have five-fold, six-fold, seven-fold, and more. The highest number of selection bettors can make in an accumulator is twenty, which is called a twenty-fold accumulator.

Example of an Accumulator

The table below contains four football matches and the odds a bettor uses to place a four-fold accumulator. 

Selection Odds
Manchester United to win Manchester City 2/1
West Ham to win Arsenal 3/1
Chelsea to beat Tottenham 4/1
Aston Villa to beat Everton 2/1

These odds increase to become 3/1, 4/1, 5/1, 3/1. Afterward, you multiply the figures to get 180. With this, the accumulator bet would pay out 179/1.

For instance, if you place $2, you get $358 + your initial $2 = $360.

Another way to calculate is to roll over the return from each bet to the other. So, if you wager $2 on your first selection and win, you get $6 ($4 + your $2 initial stake). This $6 becomes your stake for the following selection. If that bet wins, you get $24, which is $18 plus your initial $6.

The $24 becomes your bet for the next selection. If that selection with 4/1 odds wins, you receive $120, that is, $96 + $24. The $120 becomes the next bet.

If this last one wins, you receive $360, which is $240 + $120. 

How to Place Accumulator bets

Placing these wagers is very simple and can be completed in a few minutes. The following guides you on how to place an accumulator bet:

  • Visit your sportsbook
  • Navigate to the sports of your choice
  • Select the type of bet for that sport
  • Make a second selection to add to the first
  • Add all selections to your slip
  • Navigate to the section where you find “multiples,” and you’ll find “accumulator”
  • Enter your bet amount
  • Place your bets


Sports bettors place accumulator bets to receive very high payouts with a minimal investment. Still, placing this bet can be risky as you stand to lose a lot if one selection doesn’t make the cut. Before placing accumulators, ensure to research every selection yourself and make the best selections to get higher winning chances.

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