What is a DNS Server? 10 Best Servers list

What is a DNS Server? 10 Best Servers list

DNS stands for Domain Name Service. DNS servers are computers that have software installed on them to provide a server service. They do not provide content, however; they serve it. These servers are then used by programs and devices to translate human-friendly web addresses like google.com into their numerical IP addresses which can be called such as (This is the actual IP address of Google’s main page.)

A DNS server is essentially a computer that holds information about domain names and their corresponding IP addresses, so when you enter a URL into your browser or an application tries to connect to another computer using its name, it contacts one of these servers and either gets the answer right or learns the URL’s corresponding IP address.

What is a DNS Server? 10 Best Servers list

Is a DNS server necessary for IP-based communication?

No, a DNS server is not necessary for IP-based communication. However, it can be used to make life easier. For example, if you enter in your browser the URL (the administrator screen of your wireless router) instead of having to remember that this address corresponds to, we can just use the name “router” in order to find the correct numerical address and get to where we want much faster than by typing everything manually!

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What are some of the major benefits of using DNS servers?

The main benefit of using a DNS server is that it makes the internet much easier to use. It can also improve your browsing speed, because you can look up addresses in advance and put them into one text box instead of having to type out long web addresses every time you want to visit a new page.

Here are the 10 best dns servers list:

1. Google Public DNS: and/or 

2. OpenDNS Home: and/or 208.67.220, 223 

3. Lowend Box Public DNS: 185.121, 204, 5, 2 or 89 

4. Level 3 DNS Servers: 4X 1-2-5-15 A0 0E F2 D9 C7 CA 01 (tested to work but both IPs are blocked with this method)

5. Norton ConnectSafe Standard (free version): 199, 119 or 23

6. Verisign Public DNS: 64 45 63 77 61 70 61 63 6B 1

7. Comcast DNS: 75, 76, 77 or 108

8. OpenNIC Public DNS: Use any of these servers 

9. Cisco OpenDNS: 208.67-220-123, 208.67-222-123, 199.85.126-106 or (address is blocked with this method)

10. Comodo Secure DNS: 8 COMODO CA Limited UK (addr is blocked with this method)

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