What Features To Look For In an Online Video Player?

Online video consumption worldwide is moving upwards. The global digital video viewership surpassed the three billion mark in 2020. Why? Excellent video content and an even better video player.

A capable video player is a key to delivering an intuitive, immersive experience, whether for education or entertainment purposes. It will help creators build a loyal customer base that can consume video content effortlessly on their platform.

We have put together key features to help choose or build an online video player that can cater to the needs of a wider audience.

Table of Contents:

  • Customisable themes
  • Adaptive bitrate streaming
  • Multi-device support
  • Video analytics
  • Speed change & Subtitles
  • CTAs

Customisable Themes

An online video player must imbibe the creators’ brand look and feel. It will help viewers to identify their brand with ease.

Having the option to choose from different themes can never go waste. A good video player must seamlessly blend with the user’s taste and requirements. Also, it will help them convert a prospect into a qualified lead.

Customisable themes comprise the brand’s colour, custom logo, ad banners, video thumbnails, and subscriber form.

Creators can play around with these aspects to capture their viewers’ imagination and establish a brand identity.

VdoCipher lets them choose from nine preset colour themes. They are easy to integrate as a WordPress plugin, iFrame, or API.

Adaptive Bitrate Streaming

The main goal of a video player is to optimise user experience regardless of their device, network connections, or network conditions. The basic idea behind this is to encode video content in multiple bitrates.

The device can offer a seamless viewing experience without any buffer by switching to the suitable video bitrate or video quality depending on the network.

If a video player supports adaptive bitrate streaming, it will adjust the video resolution, frame rate, and codec based on the available bandwidth.

Multi-device Support

The explosive growth in on-demand video content facilitates the need of having a video player that works on any device. Hence, the online video player must support multi-device and multi-OS to expand its reach. 

It is an integral feature of an online video player in today’s world. Viewers love to consume video content on different screen sizes and resolutions. 

By adding multi-device support, creators can deliver a highly engaging user experience and increase their bottom line.

Video Analytics

Stay on top of the critical analytical insights to understand user behaviour, such as their viewing patterns, playback time, and preferences. 

These insights can help creators improve their services and align the video player with the recent advancements in the industry. 

In addition to the viewers’ benefit, the video player must also favour content creators and distributors.

A DRM video player that can allow content creators to control access to their videos is essential in modern times. Video analytics can help creators deliver the best possible experience to their audience.

Speed Change & Subtitles

It can never go wrong if creators provide some additional controls to their viewers. Adding the option to increase/decrease speed can help users consume video content at their pace. 

Additionally, adding subtitles can help creators break language barriers and make their content available to a global audience. 

Having these intricate features can furnish desired results for an online video player.


CTAs round up the features to have in an online video player.

If the video content requires fulfilling an objective, adding a call-to-action button can be helpful. Users may not have to look for a way to complete the goal if creators can provide the option within the video player.


Don’t miss out on these must-have features.

While having a feature-rich video player is non-negotiable, there are a few concerns regarding the content’s safety and security. An encrypted video player can solve this issue by adding viewer specific watermark that remains invisible to the end-user.

That is all about the features to have in an online video player.

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