What Features Can You Design for Your Custom Outdoor Umbrella?

When you decide to install a custom outdoor umbrella, it becomes part of the overall décor of your home or business. We believe that your custom outdoor umbrella should bear your signature style and serve its purpose as a temporary shade solution at the same time. Besides, custom café umbrellas are a good way to promote and expand your business. 

Outdoor umbrella manufacturers offer a variety of bespoke options to their customers. These options include materials for the canopy, colour and design, canopy shape and size, and types of frames. Let us take a look at the design options available to you for your very own custom outdoor umbrella. 

The Canopy

The canopy is that part of the outdoor commercial umbrella that essentially guards you from the sun and the rain. The fabric material has to be UV resistant, waterproof and long-lasting all at the same time. There are multiple fabric materials to choose from and you can decide according to your preferences and budget. 

Olefin serves as an excellent outdoor material. It is made out of polypropylene fibres and it is soft and lightweight. Olefin is strongly resistant to sunlight and water and can last really long. Available at competitive rates, this fabric material can be customised according to your taste. Your custom printed market umbrella will look cool with a canopy made out of this fabric. 

Acrylic fibre is another option for canopy fabric. This is a time-tested material with a wide range of applications.  It is durable and UV and moisture resistant. Acrylic yarns come in a lot of vibrant shades and they are really easy to work with because of their soft texture. Make your outdoor umbrella look trendy with an acrylic canopy of your choice!    

If you are hard-pressed for budget, you have a cheaper alternative to the aforementioned options. Polyester is a cost-effective canopy material. It is reasonably sun-and-rain-proof and its durability won’t disappoint you. Like olefin and acrylic, polyester yarns come in a wide range of colours. So, you can have a chic outdoor umbrella that really looks the part in your overall décor. 

You can get really creative with the finer details of canopy design. If your custom patio umbrella canopy has a valance, you can choose between a straight edge and a scalloped edge. Outline the scallops with contrasting shades or use a double-layered design cue to make the valance stand out and give your umbrella a bona-fide chic look. 

Want to make your custom outdoor umbrella really stand out in terms of design? Follow this simple trick. Get your canopy made out of alternating panels of contrasting shades. Such canopies look really gorgeous and speak volumes about your fashion sense. 

If you want to play around with colours, go ahead! Get your outdoor umbrella canopy to have contrasting shades on the inside and the outside. It’s easy to manufacture. Your custom outdoor umbrella manufacturer will weave two different fabrics together to make the canopy for you. 

Canopy vents are an essential part of outdoor umbrella design. They stop the umbrella from turning into a parachute by letting strong drafts through! The vents also aid in circulating the hot air building up under the canopy. But vents can add to the overall design style too. Use contrasting fringes on vents to make them stand out. You can also have a layered canopy with multiple vents designed from contrasting fabrics. 

Square, Rectangular, Hexagonal, Octagonal – outdoor umbrellas come in many shapes and sizes. Choose the one that best suits your personal space.

If you want your custom café umbrella to speak for your business, you can have your brand colours and logo printed on the canopy. Outdoor umbrellas make for excellent promotional materials. They have become ubiquitous in the world of brand promotion because they are cheap to manufacture and easy to customise. 

Let your imagination run free and your outdoor umbrella manufacturer will turn it into reality!  

The Frame

It is the frame that holds the outdoor commercial umbrella together. Umbrella frames are normally made of wood, metal or fibre-glass. The wooden frames have a vintage charm to them. They look quaint and classy but you got to be careful about the effect of the elements on the wood. It is advisable to pack and store the umbrella once you are done using it. 

Fibre-glass frames are generally sturdier than wooden frames. They don’t wither away in the rain and can tackle strong drafts better than wood. In fact, fibre-glass ribs may perform better than metal frames in particularly wet environments. 

Metal frames with corrosion resistant powder coating are the most popular choice when it comes to commercial outdoor umbrellas. They provide robust structures that can withstand rain and sun for years on end. 

Large outdoor umbrellas with metal frames act as temporary shades and can be used by restaurants and other businesses to commercialise unutilised spaces. Metal frames also come with various veneers like teak, gold or bronze. Choose yours depending upon the overall décor of your space. 

After all, an outdoor umbrella should be your personal statement to the onlookers!  

A Lasting Impression

Your custom outdoor umbrella cannot be just an accessory. It has to be your fashion statement for the world as well! With so many customisation options at your disposal, you can always have your outdoor umbrella built according to your taste. From bespoke canopies to matching frames, every part of a custom outdoor umbrella serves to boost the ambience of your place. Carefully considered design choices can not only amp up your décor, but leave a lasting impression in the minds of your guests. 

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