What Do You Say In A Marriage Proposal

Whenever there is a marriage proposal, it becomes very hard to make it easier for the person who has been proposed. What do you say in a marriage proposal is dependent on the current scenario which might create so much awkwardness and it may tend to take more time while making decisions. Today we have brought you simple suggestions and techniques by which it would be easier for you to make decisions easily. It happens many times that people start consulting with their friends and family and get so much hesitation by making a proper decision knowing that it can affect their life badly. It can also affect their mental health as well as personal emotions if the decisions are not done correctly. Hence, in this article, we will provide you benefits of verse 60 of surah al MumTahina along with some action points which are suggested in the name of the Almighty Allah.

What Do You Say In A Marriage Proposal

1.Use Istikharah For a better understanding

It is said that Allah is the only one in this world who knows the total story of an individual. No individual in this world know about his future and he cannot change his past or present Things. But Allah has the power he can replicate or change the scenario of the life of an individual. It is also believed that an individual cannot get the solutions to all his unanswered questions from Different individuals. He has to keep thinking about it on his own or he has to think about it while remembering the name of Allah. making a Dua for a marriage proposal to Allah will help him to think deeper and in this way, he can find out some solutions to his unanswered question in life. Allah will guide you regarding your future partner who will be the best suitable soulmate for you. He will provide you with some basic guidelines and techniques which you can use on that person to find out the correct person for you with whom you can stay together for a lifetime.

Once you find out that the person you are interested in is also having the same qualities and habits like you are having, then you can take the decision which will be helpful for both you and your family. You will see some hints and tips by which you can take action on that marriage proposal. Doing Istikhrah Means that you are asking Allah to guide a person in a certain way that he can take important decisions of his life in a very short period. It means that Allah will help that person in confronting all the reality and then make a decision based on his future expectations and desires. This process is not so complicated and Allah has given simple tips and tricks by which a person can understand the desires and future expectations within a short period. In this way, we can get on his unanswered question in life. Doing this test will help a person to take the charge of his time and then he will be the sole person who will be responsible for all his actions which can either affect him in a good way or bad way.

2.Teachings of Allah

Allah is always helping his children with good intentions and hence he has provided some basic understanding techniques by which you can identify the behaviour of any human being. It is the choices of any person which he acquires in his hard and happy times which decides his normal human behaviour with the outsiders. If you want to find out that the person You are proposing is good enough to hold your hand for a lifetime then you can check his goodness and kindness in a very simple way. You can just start easily communicating with that person regarding the happiness of life. You have to find out by a conversation that whether the person you are proposing is eligible to make you happy for the rest of your life or not. You have to find out by this conversation that he or she is the right match for you or not. If his choices are not suitable and comfortable for you, then you can easily make a harsh decision on that person but if the person you are communicating with can satisfy your desires and feelings, then you can easily take a positive charge on that person.

Sometimes you don’t know about the hidden things of the person, but you can identify those hidden things with some sort of questions and answer which you can do with that person. There are so many conversations of personal and professional affairs which you can put into the conversation so that you can get a clear answer regarding the identity of a person in the actual world. Once you start Submitting your conversation in the name of Allah with that person, then Allah will provide you strength, Power and knowledge to acknowledge that person in an unbiased way.

3.Ask Smart Questions

You can also ask smart questions to the person like what is his or her thinking about the happiness in life ahead, or what he thinks about the upbringing of their children in future. What are his priorities regarding the Choices of their relationship? What are their plans and what they are visioning in the next five years with their partner or you can also ask about the Additional responsibilities which came with the time in families? It will help you to find out the relationship between his friends and family.

Once you apply These tips and techniques suggested by Anna, then you will be able to find out the accurate details of the person regarding his behaviour, actual thinking and present actions which will help you to make correct decisions based upon the collected details. This will also help you to make certain decisions regarding your future if the marriage proposal is expected to accept. Some conversations may lead to an increase in respect, love and care for each other if done correctly. Every person in this world wants to have a lovely life with the person he is deciding to spend the rest of his life with. So communication is the most necessary and important part of any relationship.

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