What do you mean by Medical Certificate Attestation and why is it necessary?

You will see that at some point in life every person would like to travel to another country. Once you have decided to travel to another country then you will have to make a lot of arrangements. You have to make sure that you are carrying all the necessary documents and certificates while traveling. Plus all these documents will have to go through some procedure for the legalization. You will have to make sure that all the documents and certificates have an apostille or attestation stamp on them. If you live in the UAE and want to travel for medical purposes then you need to do the procedure of Medical Certificate Attestation.

You can say that the process of attestation of the documents and certificates is easy. This attestation process will authenticate all the documents and make sure that they are legal. Attestation of different certificates for UAE is necessary when you are in UAE on a family visa or work visa. Some people may wonder about the requirement of Medical certificate attestation. If you are wondering about the same then don’t worry because I have mentioned all the details below.

What do you mean by Medical Certificate Attestation?

You will see that the doctor will write a medical certificate after examining the patient. It is the certificate that will show that the patient is suffering from a serious health condition. A medical certificate is an important personal document that needs to go through a legalization procedure. You can say that the sign of the doctor on a medical certificate will confirm the state of someone’s health. Whenever a person falls ill and has to go to the hospital for care then the person has to take leave from the company.

What is the meaning of Medical Certificate Attestation? and an Overview of it

You can say that verification of the medical certificate is necessary to prove the genuinity of the document. The process of legalization will be provided by the home country to enter the foreign country. You can say that the method of authentication in India is very broad and so is the process of attestation. You can describe the Attestation of the medical certificate as the process of getting a sign from the authorized department or person. That medical certificate attestation can be done from the country where the certificate was issued.

What is Medical Certificate attestation and why is it necessary?

It is one of the necessary procedures of legalization and in that you will get an attestation stamp on the certificate. The doctor will write a medical certificate after examining the patient and

create a sick report. You will see that this medical certificate will work as a sick report and it will also work as evidence of the current state of health of the patient.

How to do the procedure for Medical certificate attestation in India?

Here you will find the process of attestation for medical certificates in India. If you are wondering why a medical certificate is necessary then here you will find the answer. You will see that many people go to other countries to get medical attention from the UAE. If you live in the UAE and you did visit India to get medical treatment then you need to get a medical certificate. You have to get an attestation stamp on your medical certificate if you want to get medical leave from your company in the UAE. Attestation of a medical certificate is necessary if you want to claim the insurance money.

  • As the first step of attestation of a medical certificate, you need to visit the State Home It is the first place where certificates will be sent to check if the certificate is authentic or not.
  • As the State home department receives the request for attestation of the medical certificate you have to submit the original medical certificate.
  • Then your medical certificate will be sent to the ministry of external affairs (MEA) for Once MEA completes the attestation procedure your document will be sent to the UAE embassy in India for attestation.
  • It is not necessary to send the medical certificate to the state home department for You can even do the attestation procedure by sending the documents to the Notary and Sub-divisional magistrate.
  • From the notary and sub-divisional magistrate, your medical certificate will go to the ministry of external affairs (MEA) for attestation. From there your document will be sent to the UAE embassy in India for attestation.

Which documents are necessary to complete the procedure of Medical certificate attestation?

To complete the procedure of medical certificate attestation you need to carry the documents and certificates that are necessary.

  • Original Medical Certificate
  • 2 copies of the Medical Certificate
  • Original passport of the medical certificate holder
  • 2 Passport size photos
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